NJ Attorney General Anne Milgram tries to discourage 287g program

Per this, New Jersey attorney general Anne Milgram has sent a letter to local leaders in her state who are trying to join the 287g program.

Milgram urges them to comply with the state's prohibition on "racially-influenced policing."

"The principal mission of law enforcement officers in this state is to enforce the criminal laws and to protect the communities that they serve. It is not to enforce federal immigration laws," Milgram stated in the letter.

The overhauled federal program would give police officers authority to initiate deportation proceedings against illegal aliens linked to serious crimes.

Yet under guidelines issued by Milgram, state, county and local law enforcement officers cannot act as federal immigration officials when patrolling the streets. Police officers participating in the program may only question people's immigration status after they have been arrested for a serious violation, and the inquiry can take place only during an arrest, not as part of a street encounter, Milgram stated.

Officers also are prohibited from detaining people to trigger questioning of their immigration status.

Milgram is apparently a Democrat, and she was appointed by Jon Corzine in 2007.


She's just another idiot. _"racially-influenced policing"_ Of all the bullshit regarding illegal immigration that you have to put up with hearing about, this has got to be the bullshittiest. It's just a fact that most immigrants and most illegals are non-white.

new america under new management!