Nina Bernstein /NYT agitates against immigrant detention centers

Nina Bernstein of the New York Times offers "Leaning on Jail, City of Immigrants Fills Cells With Its Own" (link), a six-screen, page-one, nine-months-in-the-making attempt by the NYT to push for an end to immigrant detention and for an amnesty for illegal aliens. The Donald W Wyatt Detention Facility in Central Falls, Rhode Island - privately-operated - was supposed to revitalize the town by detaining various types of prisoners but instead didn't have a big pay-off. Not only that, but some of those detained there came from the town.

But, it gets worse, some of those detained in the jail were of the same ethnicity as the residents of the town. In the Bernstein/NYT world, that's the second lowest blow of all. The worse blow of all is that the descendents of immigrants are involved in trying to deport new immigrants, even if the latter have come here illegally and despite all the other factors involved.

If you're familiar with Bernstein's past work, nothing is much of a surprise, right down to the sympathetic portraits of panicked illegal aliens designed to pull the readers' heartstrings into supporting illegal activity and massive corruption.


What is funny is that some of the more "mainstream" leftie blogs like Hullabaloo(digby) and the HUFF-n-Puff are no longer commenting on the NYT's unrelenting pro-Open Borders articles that are now appearing almost daily. Last summer the lefty blogs formed the the hallelujah choir for the NYT's Open Borders insanity. Is it that in a collapsing economy that even they are smart enough not to entirely alienate their audience? I think so. NYT however, must have a death wish. They are still trying to flog the phony martyrdom of Hui Lui Ng.

Look people when obama get his butt in the white house its all over he will get what he wants and within two years we will all be living in something like a detention center.

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