Michael Barone admits attrition works ("self deport", immigration)

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Michael Barone writes (link):

Net illegal immigration from Mexico has fallen to zero, reports Amanda Peterson Beadle in a blogpost at the left-wing Think Progress... ...It’s been apparent for some time that immigration from Mexico and Latin America fell off sharply during the 2007-09 recession and has not rebounded since. Illegals from Mexico are apparently continuing to self-deport (to use Mitt Romney’s term) and their numbers are not being replenished by illegals from that country. As I have frequently argued that we are probably at a turning point, and will never again see immigration from Mexico at the huge rates that prevailed from 1983 to 2007.

Barone is bad on immigration, and he's probably going to be proved wrong on the last part of that as soon as the economy improves. But, at least he's admitting that "self deportation" (aka "attrition") works.

See the attrition page for a longer description of that plan and more details. And, if you get a chance, ask Barone and others to support increasing enforcement and reducing incentives to make attrition work even more.