Media Matters lies about Obama certificate issue ("The Definitive Birther Takedown")

Media Matters for America offers the un-bylined "The Definitive Birther Takedown" ( A brief glance shows it contains at least one lie and other misleading statements.

1. They proclaim the following as a "fact": "Not Only Has The Certificate Of Live Birth Been Verified By Numerous Officials, Other Primary Source Documents Verify Contents". That's an outrageous lie because the "Certificate Of Live Birth" as shown on Obama's site has never been verified by any official. For the details, see #1 here. Note also that, instead of quoting the statement that Chiyome Fukino actually gave, they quote a misleading Honolulu Advertiser treatment of that statement. Further, what MMFA refers to as a "Certificate Of Live Birth" is actually a "Certification Of Live Birth". The difference is explained here.

2. They show the birth announcement in that same paper without explaining why it isn't proof he was born there. See #1 here.

3. They claim this is a fact: "The State Department Of Health No Longer Issues Copies Of Paper Birth Certificates." That might be true, but does anyone think the president of the U.S. couldn't get Hawaiian officials - all of whom appear to be his supporters in my experience - to release his entire file? How dumb does MMFA think their readers are?

4. Regarding claims that the picture on Obama's site is forged, they cite FactCheck's "Born in the U.S.A." article, an article that's been spreading an outrageous lie since November 1, 2008. See #2 here.

5. Using the article by Spencer Kornhaber as a source, they claim that it's a "myth" that "Foreign-Born Children Could Acquire Hawaiian Certificates Of Live Birth". They clarify that to mean "The Law In Question Did Not Exist Until 20 Years Later". However, what they failed to do is to read the actual law (or they failed to understand it, or they failed to inform their readers). The law was clearly meant to be retroactive. Not only that, but adults could apply on their own behalf. Obama could have taken advantage of that law, despite it not becoming law until he was 21. That doesn't mean that he did, it just means that MMFA is yet again misleading their readers.


At some point very soon Obama's poll numbers are going to sink below a level where he will not be able to stiff arm the public over his Birth Certificate. Alexrod built a media hit squad and astroturf operation to protect Obama as hardnosed and hyper-partisan as anything Rove was able to put together. However, the "Lou Dobbs is a big fat white racist" schtick wears thin pretty fast. Employing lefty college age bong smokers to flood the comment sections of the DailyKos, the Huff'n'Puff, the "NetRoots" etc for minimum wage looks pretty obvious after awhile. It will not end the questions of why Obama refuses release his original long form birth certificate, adoption papers, passport files, college transcripts... These tactics worked very well in preventing the MSM from investigating the Rev Wright and Bill Ayers connections until after Obama was able to push Hillary Clinton aside. Folks forget that the majority of Democratic primary voters did not want Obama. After the Rev Wright fiasco broke Hillary was kicked Obama's butt in every major blue state except OR. Without CNN and MSNBC in Obama's pocket there would and should have been a brokered Democratic convention. The that phony DailyKos poll attempting to cast the "Birther" issue as mere Republican hyper-partisanship, if not overt racism was also about having one believe that there are not a lot of Democrats and Independents asking the same questions.

the end is coming and soon people will understand what it is all about, the economic collapse is here and obama was placed in power to do mass terrorists acts against our population by any and all means, meaning using our own military and political police against us all. just by good and walk away nothing to see here my little fools.

AH, but I don't think the military nor the police support this fraud....

New video proof about Obama's "certificate"