Deceptive Langer Research DACA poll for ABC

Allison De Jong of ABC News posts "Americans back DACA by a huge margin" [1], about a Langer Research poll commissioned by ABC. It finds 86% support part of DACA, including large numbers of whites and Republicans. Respondents were asked:

"[Do you support] a program that allows undocumented immigrants to stay in the United States if they arrived here as a child, completed high school or military service and have not been convicted of a serious crime?"

The poll's results will certainly cheer up amnesty supporters, including Donald Trump. However, the poll's results can't be trusted for at least these reasons:

1. There's no such thing as an "undocumented immigrant". The correct legal term is illegal alien and using a term that doesn't exist is confusing. See the immigration terminology page for the details.

2. The poll question didn't ask about how DACA was implemented: by executive fiat. Even some of those who support legalizing illegal aliens might oppose unilateral decisions like DACA.

3. Most importantly, this poll is more about how well establishment media propaganda is working. Most Americans are probably unfamiliar with the huge downsides of DACA and the DREAM Act. The last link explains those downsides in great detail, and as can be seen from the PIIPP page, few if any news reports on DACA/DREAM even acknowledge those downsides. DACA/DREAM are anti-American: they'd deprive some American workers of jobs and some American college students of the educations they want. DACA/DREAM would also harm countries like Mexico by depriving them of the people they need. The MSM all but refuses to acknowledge those downsides, and it's an open question how many respondents knew about them.

If Langer Research wants a real poll, ask Americans whether they support depriving Americans of the college educations they want, or if they support braindraining Mexico.

Write @LangerResearch with your thoughts, and look up those promoting the poll and make the points above to them.

[1] abcnews · go · com/Politics/americans-back-daca-huge-margin-poll/story?id=50032985