Jason Mattera smears Alan Grayson with stupid, misleading question (+Glenn Reynolds)

Glenn Reynolds promotes (pajamasmedia.com/instapundit/96450) a new video from Jason Mattera in which the latter asks Rep. Alan Grayson about a seemingly shocking provision in the recently passed Obama healthcare bill: youtube.com/watch?v=SdBuvLXTv3c

Watching it, you might be shocked, unless you (unlike most other people) bothered to look up the details. In fact, the funding isn't for those perpetrators, but for treatment for them. Mattera doesn't point that out anywhere on the video, and that's just sleazy. Would Mattera and Glenn Reynolds prefer that they not be given treatment? The programs in question also go back at least to the Indian Health Care Improvement Act or its Amendments of 2007 (SR197).

Of course, it's not like anyone should expect much different from either of them. Mattera has the pluck to ask politicians questions, the problem is that he's basically just a clown who asks bad questions rather than asking questions that would be effective.