I'm proud to have opposed both two major recent U.S. personality cults

Due to it being played in a classroom in Utah, the creepy, seven month-old pledge video made by a group of B-list celebrities to Barack Obama is making the rounds again. The original video is here, and an answer video I made about it is attached. While the exact circumstances are quite unimportant, Jay Nordlinger and others at National Review are apparently upset about the (original) video. Accordingly Glenn Greenwald of Salon weighs in with a tu quoque response ("Deleting the Bush Personality Cult from history", link).

While he gets at least a couple facts wrong (it's not a year old and more importantly the celebs don't just pledge to "serve" Obama but to be his "servant"), it's a somewhat comprehensive overview of the Bush cult that gripped the U.S. at least for the first six years of his oh-so-wondrous reign.

And, it's worth recalling that not only did I oppose the Obama cult with the attached video, this video, and dozens upon dozens of posts (such as "The Non-Partisan Case Against Barack Obama"), but I also contemporaneously opposed the Bush cult, for instance with this, this, and many more. And, at the time, that wasn't exactly a popular position.

What's scary is that in both cases millions of people were (and are) proud members of those cults.

8/20/11 UPDATE: Fixed the first video link.


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