Hundreds of thousands more foreign citizens got work permits than any stimulus jobs "created or saved"

The Obama administration claims (link) that the stimulus plan "saved or created" about 650,000 jobs. Meanwhile, since the plan was enacted, 1,125,000 foreign workers have gotten work permits to work in the U.S. (whether green cards or temporary). That's almost a half a million difference, and not on the American side of the ledger.

The calculations are here:

*Each month, the feds give out about 160,000 first-time permanent and temporary work permits to working-age foreign citizens.

* The 160,000 working-age foreign citizens are divided almost equally into those getting permanent work permits through green cards and those getting temporary work permits each month.

* Of the immigrants aged 18-65 who get permanent work permits each month, about 35,000 of them were already working in the U.S. on previous temporary work permits.

* Thus, the NET figure is 160,000 minus 35,000 equals about 125,000 foreign citizens who are getting a work permit for the first time each month.

This would be a great thing to ask politicians about. In fact, it would be a great topic to ask anyone who discusses these issues from any side, whether pundits or bloggers.


An absolute discrace. Anyone voting for or in favor of allowing over 100,000 foreign workers in each month while mlllions of Americans are out of work need to be held accountable. The same goes for anyone in favor of amnesty. It's the same damn thing only much worse. Not only is it permanant and allows for. Chain migration, but it also gives the job thieves the same rights as all of us. Here's a novel approach....... Penalize companies who hire foreigners over Americans and tax the crap out of the foreign workers to make it economically undesirable. It's what our government does to us, so it should be done even more so to non citizens.

its not about working its about repopulation and total control of the USA, Once more the only way to get something is to fight and have rivers of blood.