Grijalva bill might restrict Border Patrol in Arizona; contact your reps (H.R. 324)

Numbers USA informs us (link) that Rep. Raul Grijalva's Santa Cruz Valley National Heritage Area Act (H.R. 324) "would cover a gigantic area of Arizona" - including illegal immigration corridors - but it doesn't provide for the Border Patrol:

The Border Patrol is increasingly being limited in its enforcement on various park lands. Promoters of illegal immigration inside the federal government seem to be on a trend of turning parks into sanctuaries for illegal alien traffic.

The fear is that the H.R. 324 designation will be used to prevent the Border Patrol from setting up communication towers, cameras, sensors and so on, on the massive land included under the bill.

Rep. Rob Bishop is sponsoring an amendment to correct that issue; I haven't reviewed it but - knowing Grijalva - one of the things he's trying to preserve is illegal immigration. Numbers USA has action you can take at the link.


well yes why wouldn't your enemy not stop what you are doing to enforce laws, its not part of the plan's of mexico city and its drug dealers.