Frank Gaffney Jr relies on Breitbart reporting to block Perez nomination

Frank Gaffney Jr. [1] is relying on the "reporting" to be found at a Breitbart site to block the nomination of Thomas Perez to head the Department of Labor.

In other words, Perez should start plans to decorate his office right now.

At the Washington Times, Gaffney writes (link):

...Here are but a few of the reasons why Mr. Perez must be denied a promotion to Cabinet rank:

J. Christian Adams, a courageous, whistleblowing former career Department of Justice lawyer who worked for a time under Mr. Perez in the latter’s current capacity as the assistant attorney general for civil rights, recently wrote at a scathing assessment of Mr. Perez’s record in that job. Mr. Adams witnessed firsthand the application of Mr. Perez’s attitude, now documented by an inspector general report, that civil rights laws “are only meant to protect black victims from white defendants.” So much for equal justice under the law...

Whether Adams is credible or not, all any Perez supporter has to do is point to the many past examples of Breitbart sites getting things wrong: the Sherrod case, this guy, "Friends of Hamas", and so on.

If you want to block Perez - and I do - you're going to have to do it using credible sources and you're going to have to do it from a mainstream position and not the crazy, bunker-bound mindset of those in the Breitbart sphere. Those who enable Breitbart sites-style thinking and reporting are helping Perez and Obama.

See Casa de Maryland for my coverage of the group Perez used to lead, and see also Thomas Perez. Casa of Maryland is a far-left group that strongly supports illegal activity; many or more Democrats and liberals should oppose them. Playing partisan games as those in the Breitbart sphere are wont to do will cause many of those liberals who might have been opponents of Casa to reflexively support or ignore the problems with Casa and Perez.

[1] Per his bio: "Frank J. Gaffney Jr. formerly acted as an assistant secretary of defense under President Reagan. He is president of the Center for Security Policy (, a columnist for The Washington Times and host of the syndicated program Secure Freedom Radio."