Even obscure celebrities deserve their privacy

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I will give $1,000,000 (ZWD) to the first person who - without clicking the link or having foreknowledge of the event in any way - can identify the non-entity celebrity who's holding up the following sign or either of the other two nobodies who are at the same table as her.

nobody celebrities

Stumped? Click here.

Exit question: did she steal the sign from someone who's actually famous? Did the people at Kinko's laugh as hard at her as I am? At any point during the entire printing and lamination process, did she realize that she'd forgotten the period at the end of the second sentence?


I heard the last name Garofalo means "garish bison"? I can see why.

It's Illeana Douglas. A nobody then and a nobody now.

The person holding the sign appears to have an eating disorder....those arms are like bones!

Here's the comment I left over there for the Illeana/Garofalo worshippers. I couldn't resist when one was offended because these women are really doing something! Feel free to pile on over there. ================ Tarbo @ 4 - That's about the dumbest statement I've heard this year. Are you implying that these women do something for their country? Celebrities do nothing for the country. Thanks for Mystery Men, Janeane. Thanks for SNL, Cheri. Thanks for ???, Illeana. Blech. You want a list of folks who have done or are doing something for their country? Here's a small list: U.S. Navy MA2 Michael Monsoor USMC Cpl. Jason Dunham U.S. Army PFC Ross McGinnis U.S. Army SFC Paul Smith U.S. Navy Lt. Michael Murphy U.S. Army 1st Lt. Ashley Henderson Huff U.S. Army Sgt. Gregory Ruske USMC Cpl. Jeff Boskovitch Feel free to Google these names and see if their sacrifices are a little more than holding up some snarky sign at a coffee shop. Holding up a sign about photographing the homeless is not doing something worthwhile. Especially when all of these women have more money than most of us will see in our lifetimes. Janeane is certainly not sharing any of the money she took from Air America with any of the folks she laid off when that network tanked. Their reward should be no more publicity, no more money, personal shame, and disgust by the community. Unfortunately, in the real world we get people like Tarbo who are impressed by empty statements, and who think their own farts smell good. What a trio of pompous twats.