Open Complaint about EPA linking to Breitbart

To: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Inspector General (OIG_Hotline at

This is a complaint about the "News Releases from Headquarters" from the "Office of the Administrator" entitled "EPA Response To The AP's Misleading Story" (link).

At that page, the EPA provides an HTML link to Breitbart News, a private entity. Such links are very valuable. In fact, there's a market in links from one site to another, and links from the U.S. government are very valuable. In effect, this is a form of payment from the U.S. government to Breitbart News: it helps them rise in search results, and that translates into increased revenue for Breitbart.

It wasn't right when the Barack Obama administration had a close relationship with and in effect promoted Google corporate properties, and it isn't right when the Donald Trump administration does the same with private companies more favorable to him.

It's hard to imagine any part of the Trump administration, for instance, linking to the post where - over two years ago - I accurately predicted how Trump's signature plans would fail. The EPA is playing favorites, giving benefits to one private entity and not giving them to others. This is a clear violation of government ethics.

Please contact me immediately to indicate how you intend to resolve this issue.