S.744 Immigration bill - Sec. 2534: AUTHORIZED ACTIVITIES

    The Foundation shall carry out its purpose by--

      (1) making United States citizenship instruction and naturalization application services accessible to low-income and other underserved permanent resident populations;

      (2) developing, identifying, and sharing best practices in United States citizenship preparation;

      (3) supporting innovative and creative solutions to barriers faced by those seeking naturalization;

      (4) increasing the use of, and access to, technology in United States citizenship preparation programs;

      (5) engaging receiving communities in the United States citizenship and civic integration process;

      (6) administering the New Citizens Award Program to recognize, in each calendar year, not more than 10 United States citizens who--

        (A) have made outstanding contributions to the United States; and

        (B) have been naturalized during the 10-year period ending on the date of such recognition;

      (7) fostering public education and awareness;

      (8) coordinate its immigrant integration efforts with the Office;

      (9) awarding grants to eligible public or private nonprofit organizations under section 2537.

      (10) awarding grants to State and local governments under section 2538.