Obama makes NCLR's Cecilia Munoz director of intergovernmental affairs

The extremist-funding National Council of La Raza now has someone else "on the inside": their senior vice president Cecilia Munoz has been named as the White House director of intergovernmental affairs. At least in the current administration, that office "serves as the President's liaison to state, local, and tribal governments" (whitehouse.gov/government/off-descrp.html). Expect her to get up to some far-left mischief in order to support her race, but what exactly that will be remains to be seen.


It's just great to see obama putting representitives of foriegn nationals in places of power over US Citizens. How fucking ass backwards can a liberal get? How fucking treasonist can obama get? I guess we will find out soon enough. It is highly outrageous that this kind to treason goes unpunished and the true agenda behind "la raza" continues to be unreported by the MSM. Maybe intead of of the word "unreported" I should substitute the word "undocumented" by the MSM. I dont care what arguement is put forth about the virtues of "la raza".......they do NOT have the best interests of the American citizens in mind, period! Dare I say revolution?

She's an american you racist fuck. And probably about 2,000 times smarter than your dumb ass. Fuck you. I say fuck you because why attempt to reason with someone who is so clearly an asshole? Fuck you you fucking fuck.

Hey franglo..... You sound just like the rest of the ungrateful and unassimilated scum illegally crossing our borders on a daily basis. Either way you obviously dont like Americans. Why else would you defend a pig like cecilia putos? She will only be looking out for her "latino community" and doesnt give a shit about anyone else.....except to foot the bill. Just look at her track record. You spunky flunky. You are the reason I own guns.

Agreed. Ungrateful and unassimilated scum who hate this country.

Franglo go back to mexico and get into some hate race gang like your family is into. Our enemies are many but our cause of freedom is right and will win this war against evil doers like this bitch of mexico. to all right thinking people who love freedom, soon the pigs of the third world will come here to murder and rape your human and civil rights when this start join into units of mass political and race protest against the evil rats. buy guns and work for freedom in the old way, if you know what i mean? ( ;- ) side note; understand your enemy watch him, do not talk about your enemy to others but understand him for the day of truth.

Come to think of it the best thing we can do is to watch a lot of porn and wait for the camps to be built.