Brave New Foundation, Rachel Maddow think you're gullible (FAIR, immigration, SB1070)

The video below shows Rachel Maddow and Robert Greenwald's Brave New Films thinking you're a gullible sucker in at least two ways.

The first way is by trying to get you to support immigration policies that help big banks (immigration banks), big business, governments, and the Federal Reserve at the expense of everyone else. See those links and the related discussion here.

The second way is by trying to get you to misinterpret quotes made by those Maddow and Greenwald oppose. I'll leave a longer discussion to others [1], but watching it the first quote that jumped out at me was this Maddow graphic containing something former FAIR employee Joseph Turner allegedly said [2]:

I consider accusation of bigotry and racism to be complementary

Now, think about that: does it really make sense that someone would say that? How do Maddow and Brave New Films want you to interpret that, and is that the correct interpretation? While Turner appears to have said some questionable things, let's try this alternative:

I consider false accusations of bigotry and racism to be complimentary: those false accusations are how I know I'm having an effect on supporters of illegal immigration.

Which makes more sense: the interpretation Maddow and Greenwald are trying to give you, or that alternative?

Apparently the forums for Turner's previous organization (Save Our State) were taken offline several years ago so there's no way to check, but the alternative version is highly likely to be what he meant.

Consider also this data point. The Anti Defamation League (another pro-illegal immigration group with little credibility) has Turner's quote as [3]:

"I consider accusations of bigotry and racism…to be complimentary. And while I don't thirst for confrontation, I dont [sic] fear it."

Note the ellipsis the ADL put in their quote: what was taken out of that quote? Why didn't Maddow include that ellipsis in her graphic? Could the ADL (and then by extension Maddow and Greenwald) be omitting a key piece of information that would lead to the correct interpretation of that quote?

That possibility is increased later in the video where they have Sheriff Joe Arpaio saying:

"They call you KKK, they did me, I think it's an honor, right?"

If you interpret that as Greenwald wants you to, I'm the Wallet Inspector. First, Greenwald is leaving of the end of that quote. Immediately after that, Arpaio said "It means we're doing something" [4]. Clearly, Arpaio isn't saying he's a supporter or anyway involved in that group. He's saying that it's an honor to be lied about in such a way: that's how he knows he's having an effect on supporters of illegal immigration.

For example, let's say Obama said "It's an honor to be called a Communist because it means we're having an impact on our opponents". If a Tea Parties group put just the first part of that in a video, it would be highly misleading, wouldn't it?

Likewise, Greenwald's Brave New Films and his Brave New Foundation are trying to mislead you: they think you're gullible.

Whatever your position on immigration, look closely at whatever Rachel Maddow and Robert Greenwald try to tell you. Don't let them sucker you into spreading their misleading information.

[1] I'll leave a longer discussion of the video to FAIR or others, but the smears on the video are highly similar to past smears of that organization which have been discussed here, here, here, and here. (Note that at the last link the ones doing the smearing are business-friendly conservatives seeking to enable massive/illegal immigration).
The video also includes Heidi Beirich of the Southern Poverty Law Center and Pablo Alvarado of NDLON; see those links for background information.

[2] The quote above is the verbatim of the graphic, including its two grammatical errors: accusation needs to be pluralized, and "complementary" ("something that completes") should be "complimentary". The transcript of the Maddow show is less inaccurate than the graphic:

That article has no links to original sources, not even any footnotes.