Shock: Youtube/Pulitzer contest has pro-illegal immigration puff piece as finalist

Youtube is currently sponsoring an amateur journalism contest with the Pulitzer Center (, and they've recently selected their top ten finalists; one of those is the worthless, formulaic puff piece in support of illegal immigration to the right. The video is specifically about the Agriprocessors immigration raid in Postville, Iowa, and it's even worse than something the MSM would do, because some of the MSM's reports - while also trying to use emotionalism to support illegal activity - have mentioned things like labor abuses and the like. For instance, the Pulitzer choice doesn't mention that Agriprocessors was charged with over 9000 child labor law violations.

The video also fails to note that there are billions of people on Earth worse off than Postville's "immigrants", and since they can't all come here the correct response is something other than loose borders and immigration "reform", i.e. amnesty. And, just as the MSM would do, the video author doesn't question anything he's told but simply serves as a transcription service for those promoting completely unrealistic and inhumane policies.

None of this should come as much of a surprise due to Google's (Youtube's owner) past promotion of illegal immigration-supporting videos from 9500 Liberty.

The video author is Rich Peters III of Des Moines, who may be a current or prospective lawyer. One of those on the video includes - believe it or not - Nobel Prize winner Rigoberta Menchu (controversy discussed here). Two others are Sharon Drahn, editor of the Postville Herald-Leader and Father Lloyd Paul Ouderkirk of St. Bridget's Catholic Church.

11/19/08 UPDATE: They've made the video one of the five finalists, and its view count is now over 60,000.