AVWatch: Barack Obama's economic advisors include... Antonio Villaraigosa

Los Angeles' inept, corrupt, illegal activity-supporting mayor Antonio Villaraigosa - a former leader of a racial separatist group - is one of the members of Barack Obama's economic advisory board. Even the L.A. Weekly isn't amused (link):

The often stumbling Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, whose city budget deficit has hit a historic high and who has based his economic plan in Los Angeles almost entirely on a single industry — development, emphasizing massive housing complexes, which left L.A. bad off when the housing bubble collapsed — was chosen by President-elect Barack Obama to be on an elite, 17-member economic advice team, including Warren Buffett, that is meeting Obama in Chicago today...


Didn't this guy support Hillary? He has allowed the city of LA to become a third world cesspool.He and Schwarnegger have managed to bankrupt Kalifornia and fill it with Mexicans and other illegal aliens. What a team!

He supported Hillary because he is not smart enough to pass the bar, let alone run a city. But he could be your next presidente in the next political generation. He also supported the Hildebeest because he thought mexicans would go for a blondie with enormous thighs and ass, which they often do in huge numbers. La Guera Hillary will raise her ugly serpent head once again, and Tony Villar will be her handmaiden, no matter who he works for.

The guy must be good at something -- maybe this is it. After all, it's pretty damn easy to give advice. And Obama doesn't have to follow it. Yet he'd still be seen as scoring points with the 'Hispanic community'. Pure genius.