Don't donate to Goodwill Industries (Palin smear)

How could anyone encourage people not to donate to Goodwill Industries? Well, because they spent the money they received in past donations on smear ad campaigns like the one described here. The two page ad features "Dear Sarah Palin, We eagerly await your $150,000 clothing donation on Nov. 5th" in the left pane and "Dear Barack Obama, If you'd care to donate any of your $1,500 suits on Nov. 5th, we'd greatly appreciate it".

While it might seem balanced, the fact is that the costs of BHO's suits has not been the subject of an MSM smear campaign. They are in effect simply furthering a smear, and I strongly suspect they were fully aware of what they were doing.

It's not clear where the ads ran, but you can contact Goodwill and let them know what you think: contactus *at*


We are told that contributions of clothes to agencies like Goodwill only results in most of them being sold in bulk to private companies which then resell them throughout depressed ecomomic areas overseas. Because the "used clothes" from developed nations are resold so cheaply, they evidently supress the development of new clothes manufacturing industries in these developing areas because their burgeoning industries cannot make and sell new clothes for prices below our used clothes! So, both Sarah Palin and Barak Obama, please do the populations of developing nations a big favor, and throw your fancy duds away!