Justin Rood/ABC: no worries about voting fraud! (Dem-linked experts say; ACORN)

Justin Rood of ABC News offers "McCain Acorn Fears Overblown/Charges of Voter Fraud Are Out of Proportion to Reality, They Say" (link). As it turns out, the "they" refers to three sources: a Barack Obama contributor, a former director of the leftwing, illegal immigration-supporting People for the American Way, and FactCheck. No others sources are allowed to weigh in. Not only that, but Rood doesn't mention the background of the PFAW director and tries to give the impression that he's a Republican:

McCain's voter fraud worries – about Acorn or anyone else – are unsupported by the facts, said experts on election fraud, who recall similar concerns being raised in several previous elections, despite a near-total absence of cases... "There's no evidence that any of these invalid registrations lead to any invalid votes," said David Becker, project director of the "Make Voting Work" initiative for the Pew Charitable Trusts... Becker should know: he was a lawyer for the Bush administration until 2005, in the Justice Department's voting rights section, which was part of the administration's aggressive anti-vote-fraud effort...

Becker [1] is now Project Director for Voting Initiatives at The Pew Charitable Trusts, and his links to his former organization aren't known. However, PFAW is coming to the aid of ACORN, including taking out a full-page ad in the New York Times in support of the group [2].

Later in the article, Rood uses FactCheck as another source trying to claim that worries about voting fraud are overblown.

More at [3], including the fact that the third quote source, Lorraine Minnite, gave $250 to the Obama campaign.

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Justin Rood comes from TPM Muckraker [1]. It's left of center a highly partisan. I wonder if ABC knows or cares that their reporter is playing fast and loose with the truth in order to further the campaign of one of the candidates.

[1] tinyurl.com/5c7bjv

"No others sources are allowed to weigh in." So fkn what ? What difference would this make ? Are you claiming all you're lacking is a little balance here to figure this out ? The DOJ, under the Bush administration, has been investigating every claim of vote fraud they could dig up for 6 years, including the ACORN cases from the 2004 election. They've found like 30 cases of vote fraud. Nationwide. In 6 years of investigating every case they could find. The only person that is going to describe that to you any different than "it's not a problem" is a liar. If that's what you're after, just pretend that someone said exactly what you wanted them too. Hell, make up the quote yourself. It's a lot quicker than waiting for someone to give you what you want. It's not like your lie is going to be any less valid than someone elses. Go for it.