CNN does expose on Barack Obama/Bill Ayers?

According to this, tonight's Anderson Cooper show on CNN included a segment from one of their other reporters that included this:

But the relationship between Obama and Ayers went much deeper, ran much longer, and was much more political than Obama said.

In comments, others agree that the segment was unexpected. Perhaps they've decided to do some real reporting, or perhaps they're just trying to help BHO put Ayers behind him.


Obama barely knows the man. They live in the same neighborhood. That's all. BHO had no idea who this guy was according to Axelrod and even Axelrod sounds like he knows that's a bunch of crap. Regardless, the big issue is that Obama was a 7 year political ally of a self-described (to this day) communist. A (to this day) self-described radical. And the MSM just yawns...he's a post-partisan moderate he says. Who cares from what politics he came from, what he said, what he wrote, who he associated with...that kind of stuff is just swift boating (even if it's true). He's selling who he is, not what he's done and THAT IS EVIDENCE OF WHO HE IS! Nah, irrelevant. Just smear tactics. Yes, the motivation is to discredit but do these 'reporters' care at all about FACTS?