WTH: Republican National Convention speaker from NCLR's Raza Development Fund?!

According to this schedule of the 2008 Republican National Convention, one of the speakers just now was Tommy Espinoza, president of the Raza Development Fund, Inc. The RDF is a project of the National Council of La Raza, and the NCLR is a far-left, ethnic nationalist group that funds extremists and gave an award to a vile racist.

Espinoza's speech followed a video tribute to Abraham Lincoln, but since it preceded a video tribute to George H. W. Bush and a remote video feed featuring our own wonderful president George W. Bush, I guess it all fits together.


just one more reasons to buy guns now!

You wouldn't expect anything less?

The text of his speech from Tuesday: http://portal.gopconvention2008.com/speech/details.aspx?id=24 "And Lastly ... LOVE ... The GOSPEL of MATTHEW ... Chapter 25 ...verse 35 ... says "I WAS A STRANGER AND YOU MADE ME WELCOME." When John McCain says, "IMMIGRANTS Are Also GOD's children" ... I know his SUFFERING ...has given him COMPASSION for the weak, broken families, and the poor ... John McCain believes in the SANCTITY of human life from conception ... HE believes in the sanctity of MARRIAGE and FAMILY LIFE ... John McCain is the leader America needs. VIVA ... JOHN McCAIN ... VIVA ... AMERICA ..."

I understand what the world is and is not and John/Obama is not about Love how about our little brown brothers do the work of building a nation state of love and duty and justice it appears that our little brown borthers don't like that idea it would mean work. if you really look at the third world monkey people you will fine out what i mean, gangs and murder and drugs are all part of that world of Love am i right my little brown brother earthman92? but after all you see the world in a light of god right? or is it in the light of your drug dealer lighting whites up with big money.