Bob Barr still trying to fool people on immigration

Bob Barr has released a slightly more detailed immigration plan:, which I'll henceforth refer to as the Farcical Boob Bait For Bubba Plan That Has No Chance Of Ever Happening ("FBBFBPTHNCOEH").

Under the FBBFBPTHNCOEH, Barr would push through at least two Constitutional amendments: one to block illegal aliens from receiving K-12 education, and the other to end birthright citizenship. More generally, he wants to end non-emergency benefits to illegal aliens. He wants to end foreign language ballots and make English "the national language for government and official public business". He also wants to "secure the borders to the extent possible".

The biggest problems with the FBBFBPTHNCOEH is that few of his proposals have any chance of coming to pass. Moreoever, in those eight paragraphs he doesn't even hint what he intends to do about current illegal aliens. Based on his previous talking point - the same employed by Barack Obama, George W. Bush, John McCain and others - we have to choose between mass deportations and a massive amnesty. In other words, until he says otherwise, Bob Barr supports a massive amnesty for current illegal aliens. By giving that amnesty, Barr would give even more power inside the U.S. to those groups - including the far-left, business groups, and the Mexican government - who would vigorously (to say the least) oppose his other proposals.

Barr is just a dishonest hack, and his supporters would be wise to understand that now rather than before investing any time or money on his campaign.

UPDATE: On a WashTimes live chat, Barr sounded once again exactly like John McCain. Asked how his position differs from McCain, he says:

Immigration is certainly an important topic during this campaign season. To be certain, I do not support amnesty. Our immediate duty is to secure the borders quickly and efficiently. To enter our nation, you must identify yourself, prove you're not a criminal, prove you're not infectious and when you are in our country legally, you cannot receive any of the benefits from our system unless you're paying into them. Let me emphasize that we must end government benefits to those who enter our country illegally. Obviously, there is much more to address on this topic.

John McCain doesn't support amnesty either. No one does (unless they slip up). What they support is "earned legalization". Or, they "require undocumented workers to come out of the shadows". Or, some other euphemism for amnesty. A better question is going to need to be asked to show that, as he's said before, Barr wants to legalize current illegal aliens. And, when he refers to "those who enter our country illegally", he's referring to those who would enter *after* his amnesty.


It is doubtful that he has a snowballs chance in hell anyway!

Yes but it is important to realize that even the fringe third parties are open borders advocates. RIP paleolibs. Meet your new neolib/neocon overlords.

'To enter our nation, you must identify yourself, prove you're not a criminal, prove you're not infectious...' By 'To enter' he's also presumably referring to future entrants, not the current illegal aliens which Lonewacko's link show he's on record in favor of. He could be referring to both in the quote above. So it sounds like he's for anyone who's not a criminal (in reality, 'not known to be a criminal' and how would you know for sure?) and not diseased , i.e., practically the entire world, they get to decide our immigration policy. However many want to come, that's our policy (if you can call it that). It doesn't sound like the numbers are driven by visa applications from businesses. No limit. '...and when you are in our country legally, you cannot receive any of the benefits from our system unless you're paying into them.' By saying those who are here legally can't get all benefits, he sounds like the second class perma-worker but not political participant the business open borders lobby favors. Of course, even if Barr did favor time limits, history has shown there's nothing more permanent than temporary guest workers and with birthright citizenship and the trend toward making it easier to function illegally, the guest worker model has never been a bigger lie. So Barr wants the unlimited number, self-determination model of the extremist immigration left combined with the anti-assimilation permanent worker class favored by business special interests. And he's for amnesty. Isn't that about the worst 'plan' anyone could come up with?

And John Kerry has just invited in HIV/Aids immigrants-Heck our medical system can handle that...right??? What a BOOB!!!!

"America has too many illegal immigrants and too few legal ones, particularly those with unique entrepreneurial, professional and scientific skills." Bob Barr The latter part is the language of the 5th columnist, occupier and ethnic cleanser. The first part might be different, but can just mean legalization.

Bob Barr may not be the messiah, but hes hands down a better choice than Obama and McCain. The differences between McCain and Obama are minimal, when you consider that both believe big government can save you from yourself, and that we can save other nations from themselves as well. I will not play along with the game of lesser of two evils, as I believe that is part of what has plunged this nation into the mess we find ourselves today. While Mr. Barr's position on the border may not be as strong as we would like(Baldwin is better), it is stronger than McBamas - his chance of winning is also not all that strong, yet the reason I'm supporting him is to get him into the debates - where America will see him rip into McBama over their weakness on this issue, and others. Please visit and give conservatism a voice in the Presidential debates and beyond.

That is what his job is, F-ING People and bob barr is our enemy so whats new? Zak Carter Bob Barr is a fool and McCain and Obama are both as evil as can be, so you want the fool, good ideal.

I'm disappointed Fred. You failed to add "Buy guns" to your last comment. As far as Barr... a sham on immigration.

you are right buy guns, its really getting funny no point in fighting our insane government it will shot us all soon and do suicide after mass murder of its real population and isn't that what Barr is telling you to do?

Bob Barr has already stated unambiguously that, as difficult as it may be, he favors immediate deportation of anyone found to be in this country illegally.