John McCain's Hispandering gets even worse ("God's Children", Tancredo)

John McCain is a sleazy panderer, but he's now shown he can do even worse. The same ad McCain released on Memorial Day - commemorating the service of Hispanics and none others - has been re-released under the title "God's Children". The video is below, and if anyone sees any differences between the two versions leave a comment.

Everything that was wrong about the earlier ad is still wrong, but the new title makes it even worse. And, thanks to a "review" from either John Broder or Larry Rohter of the NYT (link) I noticed that the ad features this:

At one point, Representative Tom Tancredo of Colorado, a leading opponent of liberalized immigration laws, sits poker-faced as Mr. McCain praises the contributions of Hispanics to the armed forces and American life.

People who support our laws and who oppose ethnic nationalism really irk McCain, don't they? Also, needless to say, whichever NYT hack penned the "review" they failed to note how disreputable the ad is, and they also pretend that McCain has an "emphasis on legal immigration" when he's uttered statements in favor of illegal immigration and supports a massive amnesty for illegal aliens.


So McCain is a believer in the ideals of La Raza ( the race ) and he has a real religious faith in hate like LaRaza ( the race ) and he wants to keep his eyes on the prize for mexico city and big Money, i think i understand McCain now he hates our freedoms and wants mexico city rules here, meaning death for you and money for him. Buy Guns.