Barack Obama: "I ended up loving Texas!... It is fun to be in Fargo" (Jeff Zeleny/NYT)

The exact motivations for the Jeff Zeleny/New York Times article "As America Learns About Obama, He Returns the Favor" [1] aren't clear. I don't know whether he thinks he's doing him a favor, or whether his bosses have realized that BHO needs more experience before being selected for something and are trying to get him to withdraw from the race. However, in the recount of his travels across the U.S. - mostly to places he's never been before - he comes off sounding - pardon me - a bit "special". And, also more than a bit foreign:

"A place that I’ve come to love, which I did not expect until this campaign, is Texas... I ended up loving Texas! I've been struck by how many beautiful places there are in the country that you don't necessarily think of as beautiful. Pittsburgh, for example, is a really handsome town with the rivers and the hills... ...It is fun to be in Fargo. But it doesn't look like it does in the movie... [he's fast with the facts, too:] Oregon actually is the size of Great Britain, except it has 3 million people and Great Britain has 80 million... You pick up facts like that, and you realize again how lucky we are... [other quotes and interesting Zeleny comments]... ...I will make it to Alaska at some point, but maybe after I'm president. I can't wait."

I've never been to Pittsburgh but I'll take BHO's word for it that it isn't as bad as people say.

[1] nytimes . com/2008/07/10/us/politics/10obama.html


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