Obama accuser Larry Sinclair arrested; very questionable celebration follows

Larry Sinclair is a currently Duluth-based man about town with a long rap sheet (link) who claims that he had homosexual sex with Barack Obama in 1999 (link). At the same time, Sinclair claims that - after he gave him the money to go run for it - he used powdered cocaine and BHO smoked crack. There are several problems with the story, and, while I consider it certainly possible to have happened, I don't think it's likely at all.

Earlier today, Sinclair appeared at the National Press Club to tell his tale and was arrested afterwards by officers from Washington, D.C. police, apparently as a result of U.S. Marshals showing up with a warrant.

The question then becomes, why wasn't he arrested before? Has he been in hiding, or were they just trying to send a message? And, what sort of people would celebrate the arrest of someone who makes inflammatory and almost certainly false charges against a political candidate? Barack Obama supporters, that's who. See the comments here or at firedoglake.com/2008/06/18/larry-sinclair-arrested-at-press-club.

Larry Sinclair is hardly a political prisoner, but the arrest at the press conference has quite a political flavor to it. It also has its comedic moments; for those, see Dave Weigel of Reason Magazine: reason.com/blog/show/127093.html (He also - for once - asked a question).


It is normal for black males to have sex with each other it is part of the black way of life so Obama has a guy in the wood pile it would be normal for him and he is after-all from Africa. it is part of the black/african civilzation, male on male is normal in all black culture. Just hope Obama will not rape your butt to much when he become the head guy in washington.

Sinclair is a political prisoner. Someone call the U.N. and report this. An investigation of the Hussein O regime is in order.

_He also - for once - asked a question._ And I made the guy uncomfortable! I'm learning, I'm learning.

Man, you are feeding into the insanity. This was Larry's BIG moment to bring out the goods. He didn't do it because he didn't have anything. His "I know where that question is coming from" statement he made when asked what time he had met Obama to have sex/drugs. Also, take into consideration this: Larry said Obama, when they first met, told Larry his name and occupation (his Youtube and blog stuff). Then Larry says, on this day, Larry's big "I will give the public the proof" day, Larry says he didn't know who Obama was when they met and didn't know who he (Obama) was until he saw Obama make his 2004 speech at the Democratic convention, when Larry was across the border in Mexico. That's a big fat fucking "HUH?" This guy is a goof ball. He is looking for a payoff AND he is milking people on the internet for thousands of dollars in the hopes that Larry really mnight have something. He doesn't have anything. It's a non story. Move on. Mitch and Nan went underrcover to Larry's event and called the marshalls from there. Plus, to have arrested Larry before the news conference would have inlamed the conspiracy theory nut jobs out there. "See? They had him arrested to silence him." Although if you read Larry's blog, you will see that his followers/financiers are claiming Larry had himself arrested because he felt his life was in danger.

Sinclair sure looked like he was truthful. There is certainly something in this story. Where is the media though?

I'd not heard of Sinclair or his schtick until this post. But I don't find much in the post or the comments to make me believe one story or the other, which just goes to show that whatever you want to believe you can interpret the facts to show that. From TLB's first link: _The Duluth, Minn., resident is the sort of figure who appears at the margins of every presidential campaign, and both Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton had their own obscure accusers with dramatic allegations._ I dunno. Most of the allegations about Clinton centered on womanizing, and those later proved to be of rather "dramatic" substance.