Portland: U.S. citizen arrested protesting city-sponsored illegal alien hiring center

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Apparently a U.S. citizen was arrested for disorderly conduct while protesting a city-sponsored illegal alien hiring center in Portland, Oregon. The circumstances aren't clear, but apparently he was sitting either on the curb or in the driveway with a sign saying, "No". It's unknown whether the arrest was justified or not. Some details here; and from this:

A police car did lazy laps near the center Monday morning, in case protesters showed up and trouble started. Just one -- a man with a sign that read "No" -- plopped down in the center driveway.


Mayor Tom Potter first talked of a day labor center during his 2004 campaign. At his urging, the City Council is spending $200,000 on the center over the next two years. The Portland Development Commission is renting out the parking lot at the corner of MLK and Northeast Everett Street to VOZ for $1 a year. City Council members expect the center to support itself after the first two years.

Obviously, the center - which might be breaking federal law - is supported by the local power structure including the Mayor, the City Council, and the Oregonian newspaper. So, protests like that will usually end in failure.

The better way to protest things like this is to go to public appearances by city leaders and ask them questions (not rants) designed to make them look bad. Then, publicize that via Youtube and similar sites. Let me also suggest that those in the area learn how to better document cases like this so it's clear what actually happened.


I love it all so much, the system of no laws hates people who want to follow laws so the guy who is for laws is arrested for protesting lawbreakers, you got to love a country that will not follow its own laws, its really over when people get toss'ed into the jail house for following the laws of a state and or a nation. I would like to ask do people really still belivev this is still a country of laws? if you do you are nut's, the fact is just wait until Obama becomes your next president, start to think of DISPLACED PERSON OR A DP, it will make you understand you have no rights to ask any kind of question and it will feel right to you when some monkey put's you down like a dog and rapes your family in front of you. buy guns make a traget and understand what freedom and duty are. I have my target do you?

Call the U.N., Oregon is setting up slave labor camps by financing the 'illegal' work centers.

Oregon is a lost cause. Ride the Max rapid transit line and you will hear all the announcements in Spanish as well as the lingua franca of the US.

Mark the usa is a lost cause but we can still get part of it from our enemies inside the government if people act soon. but that will never happen.

Yes Mr. Dawes I have targets. But I prefer shooting "cans". Mexi"cans" and Afri"cans" are 2 of my favorite! [joking here]

Leave it to beaner, the can's want you as a target and soon this lost Nation will be under-the-control of the real enemies of freedom the third world's population and that will not be a joke but maybe fun to watch when people get what i have been saying. Long Life and buy more Guns.