Nicole Bode/NY Daily News, New Sanctuary Movement pretend laws to blame for family separation

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Nicole Bode of the New York Daily News offers "Deportation to Senegal leaves Sory Fofana's family in pain" (link):
Eleven-year-old Fanta Fofana spoke barely above a whisper as she described the day immigration officers burst into her Bronx apartment and took her dad.

"I was sleeping with my sisters and my cousins," Fanta said, her eyes downcast. "The police came and took my father away from my family. I was born here and I can't believe my country would do this to me."
That's definitely unfortunate. But, did he bring it on himself? Let's find out:
an immigration court determined that Fofana improperly overstayed his visa, in violation of a prior order to leave the country in 1998
So, the person responsible for the situation would seem to be Fofana himself, and not our laws.

Despite that, the New Sanctuary Movement, an ad for which occupies seven paragraphs of the article, is giving him help. However, there's probably little chance of the family being reunited, aside from in Senegal.

Bode also promotes the "Child Citizen Protection Act"/"Anchor Baby Bill" from Rep. Jose Serrano.


If you think a law should not be enforced, it's a strong indicator you are against that law. If that's the case, write your congressperson and tell them to change the law officially to, e.g., open borders. That's what you should do in a society based on law. But so long as the law remains on the books, if you are against enforcing it you're corroding the rule of law and endorsing corruption and anarchy. In the case of illegal hiring, you are for making suckers out of those who are accountable to law. Playing by the rules can put you out of business if the government has a corrupt 'What's the big deal?' attitude. Some of our politicians are for open borders, but they won't admit it. They think all immigration law is illegitimate but say the opposite to provide cover, to throw you off rhetorically. He SAYS he's for enforcement, right? Or they don't want immigration law enforced against a particular ethnic group (theirs) but say it's just about protecting U.S. citizens who are of that ethnic group. Their motives may seem transparent to you but gatekeeper media will play along, if not applaud their 'courage'.

I think we really need to push to help children that are American first to get them in school and out of the streets before helping any one else. Thank you! Rey