Ron Paul suspends presidential campaign; how supporters could actually have an impact

Ron Paul has suspended his presidential campaign and will be transferring $4.7 million in donations to a new group to be called "The Campaign for Liberty". They'll be engaging in online advocacy via videos and blogs and supporting other candidates for office (link).

And, per, they'll be encouraging his delegates not to support John McCain but, in the words of spokesman Jesse Benton, to "become a positive presence on the convention floor."

As for 20,000 volunteer precinct leaders, Benton says they'll train them after which - wait for it - "we can take over the country".

With what, a blimp? Hanging "Google Ron Paul" signs off freeway overpasses?

Sorry, that's going to be even less effective than it was before.

A very effective technique that Ron Paul supporters could use would be to help discredit John McCain and Barack Obama by pointing out their lies and misleading statements and the obvious flaws in their policies. The less support they have, the more that will be available for Ron Paul.

The best way to do that is to go to a McCain or Obama appearance and ask them tough questions, then upload their responses to video sharing sites. If Obama is called on one of his lies and doesn't have much of a response, that's going to get hundreds of thousands or even millions of views, and it will have a major impact on the race.

That doesn't guarantee that Ron Paul will get votes out of the deal, but anything that reduces support for his opponents will increase his influence. Then again, who knows? If a question makes McCain look very bad, many people might look to Ron Paul as an alternative.

And, asking tough questions will also help discredit the mainstream media, showing large numbers of people just how weak the MSM's questions are.

Are you ready to get out there and ask tough questions? Here's something you can press McCain on. And, here are three questions for Obama. The last link is available in printable form, so even if you don't want to ask him personally, you can make copies and hand them out before his events.


Its may work let us hope so, but understand to ask a really tough question may get you arrested, here is one Mrs.Obama why do you always say this nation has done nothing for blacks? when you have about $120 million in foregn banks? and how much money have you gotten from muslim leaders? who hate our freedoms. after that if you got out alive you would know what a beating means.