Dave McKenna/Washington City Paper: the most ludicrous immigration article ever? (Cheap Seats)

Dave McKenna writes the Cheap Seats column for the Washington City Paper, and he offers what just might be the most ludicrous immigration article ever here: washingtoncitypaper.com/display.php?id=35635

It's like the "crops rotting in the fields" articles which feature growers whining about not having as many illegal aliens as they did before. But, it's about apparently legal workers in a different job. As a bit of a mind-twister, try and guess which job it is (answer below).

Now, since there are probably dozens of articles vying for that title, and since McKenna is a nobody, and since he calls Lou Dobbs "the thinking man's white supremacist", I'm not going to give him the award. I'll just suggest that if you live in the DC area and you support our laws, you avoid patronizing local merchants whose advertisements appear in that paper and you inform them of what you're doing.

And, for those who want to know just how ludicrous Dave McKenna is, here's a snippet from his article:

As the swimming season opened over Memorial Day weekend, area pool managers were facing the most severe lifeguard-supply shortage in memory—perhaps the worst ever, says Amy Kroloff of Century Pools.

Yes, that's right, the vitally important lifeguard shortage.


And to top it off, studies show that most Latinos do not know how to swim!

I've already read a couple of articles about how hard it is for teenagers to find summer jobs. Are we to assume that there are NO teenagers in the DC area qualified to be lifeguards? Or is it that employers would have to pay them a decent wage? (My 20-year-old niece used to lifeguard and it was something of a prestige job for high school kids--get paid for getting a tan and swimming.)