Barack Obama cancels North Carolina debate; is he afraid of Katie Couric?

Barack Obama has refused to appear at a North Carolina debate which was to be held on April 27.

The moderator of the debate? None other than the lovely and talented Democratic cheerleader Katie Couric.

There's certainly no reason for him to have attended the event since he's got the nomination sewed up (and, by extension, John McCain will be our next president). Of course, there's also the possibility that he was scared of the ever-so-tough questions that Katie Couric would have asked him.


lonewacko, Obama is hoping that he does well in Pennslyvannia, that is lose by less than 8-10 points. That way he can somehow legitimize his army of Obamaniacs demanding that the DNC twist the arms of the Super delegates granting him the nomination. As a life long Democrat I have the sinking suspicion that more sh*t is going to hit the fan on the Willian Ayers/Bernadine Dohrn, far leftwing or radical libertarian professor front. Last week was the very first time anybody tossed a question harder than a stale marshmellow at Obama and he got not only rattled but literally fretted for days over the matter. Yet neither candidate has been forced to give an answer on any real issue beyond beyond generalities and platitudes. That is not a good sign. It leads me to believe that there are other shoes to drop. The media refused to do any serious reporting on or investigating of Obama for almost a year and a half. Now that Obama has finally gotten gashed the sharks are starting to circle. At this point if folks are voting for Hillary, it is not so much a vote for her. She is an even worse trainwreck, Nor is it an instance of racism as some of loonier Obama supporters would suggest. It is really a message to the Democratic party that neither candidate is acceptable.

And the candidate for the Republicans is also unacceptable.......Talk about a train wreck!!!

The big news bomb the Dems are holding onto for the fall: New NSA profile reveals McCain brainwashed while POW in VietNam, where he was also allowed the comfort of a "spiritual adviser," an Iranian Islamo-Marxist Imam. He is currently being watched closely for signs of cracking, as he may still be a deep mole programmed to socialize America if elected President.

And George Bush was fed tacos and enchiladas for 5 years ...He also was forced to wear a sombrero and learn the Mexican Hat Dance.

This is North Carlolina and we are smarter than the voters of PA. We understand whats important to us. Question? How does wearing an American Flag Label pin that was manufactured in the good ole Republic of China prove your love for America. The question should not be if you should wear a flag pin but where was that flag pin made. If it wasnt made by American hands I wouldnt wear it you might get lead poisoning.

Good editorial on soft Obama media coverage: