Ripping up flags is no way to fight illegal immigration (UNM case)

Let's say you're a student at the University of New Mexico and an Air Force veteran and you spot a lone Mexican flag flying on a UNM flag pole. You complain to administrators about it for a few days but they give you the run around.

What do you do?

1. Document the situation with photos and other documentation, gather legal information regarding the proper flying of flags (paying attention to the helpful tips of our friends at the ACLU, link), and then publicly confront those administrators on video tape and work to discredit them and have an impact on their careers. Even if there isn't a legal requirement regarding flag flying (link), get them on the run-around part of things.

2. Lower the Mexican flag and rip it in half. Then, get railroaded through the judicial system as Peter Lynch did recently, being sentenced to a year's probation and 48 hours of community service. And, also be accused by the other side (but not by prosecutors) of a "hate crime". And, thereby provide yet another anecdote that the SPLC can use in their campaign "against hate".

Can you guess which it was?

Obviously, the first option is the one that he should have chosen, yet oddly enough few are able to realize that that's the way you have to do things.

Note also that the group that owned the flag was El Centro De La Raza. Like many others, the link above confuses that group with the National Council of La Raza simply because they share two words in common. Confusing groups with similar names and confusing slogans is also counter-productive.


Too bad we have come to this. The right thing was No.2 and that's what he did. Brave man, we should salute him.

No.3 go at night take the evil drug dealers flag down of mexico and put it in the bathroom and inside a toilet that is full, if you know what i mean? both groups hate freedom and need to be put in a big toilet, or people like the La Raza or de la raza pig people will someday become muslims and behead you. Someday we as a people will be forced to fight the enemies of freedom and as our government becomes more and more on the side of the third world drug dealers and its just a matter of time before blood becomes normal inside this nation the question you must ask is do i really love freedom and this nation? Peter Lynch is a real American Heor. ask do you know about the new waco that is happening right now? with people standing up to a really insane government? the system boys are now using the old line of we want to help the chindren with not evidence.

No. 2 is the desirable action but No. 1 is the only proper action, because, as mentioned, the pro-illegals are amoral, savage monstrosities who love to hunt down patriots and citizens like animals and burn them on the Progressive stake.

The only proper action is by the gun against a totally insane government that is working against the people and civil and human rights a people who do not act as one will be a people that will disappear from the face of this earth, a people who remove a corrupted and insane government will live in freedom and not betrayal and desperation and if you go down the road of one world hispanic drug dealer way that will become Bedlam, it is up to you what do you want?, freedom or madness? buy guns.

thank you jurched buy guns make friends and wait until the pigs take power after that all bets are off and the guns of freedom will do the job that our government will never do. La Raza means The Race it also means your death as a Nation and as a People, NEVER TOLERATE YOUR ENEMY REMOVE THAT ENEMY.

Unfortunately, in many ways FD is 100% correct. Just a little less articulate. The hoardes are here to take from us what they cannot get for free. With a smile here and a baby there...we are losing our Country to the illegals. Time to have Country wide trials for all anti American TRAITORS! Break out the ropes. We got work to do.