Linda Ellerbee's pro-illegal immigration propaganda for kids (Nickelodeon)

Former NBC News "reporter" and current Nickelodeon/"Nick News"-related producer Linda Ellerbee will have a special on that network this Sunday called "I'm American! They're not!" Not only is it propaganda designed to support illegal immigration, it's directed at children. From a review by David Hinckley (link):
Ellerbee starts the show by stressing that she's not taking sides in the larger immigration debate, just reminding us of its impact on children.

She visits three [apparently mixed-status] families - two where the parents were deported, one where the parents are still here and the children do their homework by flashlight to minimize any attention they might attract.
Yes, she's not taking sides, just trying to scare little kids and present a completely unbalanced view of the issue. If she had taken the parents to task for having children while here illegally expecting it to work out OK, or if she had pointed out that the only way to prevent such issues is to strictly enforce our laws, then she might have been presenting a balanced view. But, if she had done that then it would have been in the review. Her intent is clear: present an unbalanced side of the debate to children in the hopes that they'll lobby their parents to support "reform", something that will increase the numbers of mixed-status families and make the situation even worse.

Two other recent propaganda efforts are described in "Under the Same Moon": Mexican-government funded pro-illegal immigration propaganda film and Tim Padgett's dishonest look at illegal immigration ("Paraiso Travel" movie).


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