Corporate global govenance? "Transatlantic Economic Union"? Open borders at the State Department

Today's must read article:
A largely unreported meeting held at the State Department [under the auspices of the Advisory Committee on International Economic Policy, or ACIEP] discussed integration of the U.S., Mexico and Canada in concert with a move toward a transatlantic union, linking a North American community with the European Union.

...Several participants said the premise of the [Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America/SPP] is to create a North American business platform to benefit North America-based multi-national companies the way the European Union benefits its own.

Others noted the premise of the [U.S.-EU Transatlantic Economic Council/TEC] is to create a convergence of administrative rules and regulations between Europe and North America, anticipating the creation of a "Transatlantic Economic Union" between the European Union and North America.

...Other participants argued regional alliances were still important, if only to put in place the institutional bases that ultimately would lead to global governance on uniform global administrative regulations favorable to multi-national corporations.

"North America should be a premiere platform to establish continental institutions," a participant said. "That's why we need to move the security perimeters to include the whole continent, especially as we open the borders between North American countries for expanding free trade."

...[One presentation included] Open Borders – to facilitate the free movement of labor to markets where employment opportunities are available.

The discussion pointed out the SPP trilateral working groups and the Transatlantic Economic Council were being supported by top-level Cabinet officers and the heads of state in both the EU and in North America.

WND also reported the Transatlantic Policy Network, a non-governmental organization headquartered in Washington and Brussels and advised by a bi-partisan congressional policy group chaired by Sen. Robert Bennett, R-Utah, has called for the creation of a Transatlantic Common Market between the U.S. and the European Union by 2015...


If the comment [below] is not TREASON then what is? "to facilitate the free movement of labor to markets where employment opportunities are available" [refering to open borders] These mofo's need to be taken out and shot for crimes against the citizens of the USA. They want the US middle class replaced by a cheaper laborer force from a country with a historic grievence against us. Are they so stupid as to think the mexicans wont push their weight around once they achieve their political advantage? The greedy treason lobby will eventually be subject to paying for the invaders just like we are today. [through legislation passed by the future elected and pro mexico politicians] Fight this BS!! It's high time to take our country back. Wait till the month of May When you see more demands from the invaders. They want your job, your life style and you are going to pay for it. And in return you get your lawn mowed. But also the unwelcomed latiniztion of your schools,langauge, culture, city and country. This is clearly TREASON and why cant the American middle class see this? WTF? Wake up!

What the rats are telling you is what I have said before this is not a Nation, its a businees and why died for money? We know from mass documents that bin laden was part of the CIA And is a tool of businees our nation is long dead it died in world war two. People still do not get that fact its not treason when a nation is dead and the people will not fight back with real weapons of freedom and justice and are not willing to stand up against evil doers; "so no one in this nation or businees deal will fight back in fact that is what the one world oligarchies understand above all other things people will bellow out big words of freedom and rights and race justice and the ideals of businees and mass race holocaust will take place without a fight. If you stand round you may as well be a jew in a death camp. get in line for the north america ideals of mexico city. and Last US Citizen, the last person or so called US citizen will be a mexican baby. fight or die, its always been that way and it always will be that way.

Last US citizen in CA: I hear you. The transformation I've seen in Los Angeles during the past dozen years or so has been simply mind blowing. Between the gang/race-based shootings and the out-of-touch city government, we've become Tijuana North. That said, I was rather stunned by this behavior from a "diplomat" in San Diego who is supposed to be a guest in our country. Funny thing is Mexico only "ruled" California for about 25 years. And it basically ignored this poor colonial outpost because it thought we didn't have any gold. That made their resident colonialists here rather unhappy. Do a Google search sometime for Pio Pico or just read this. But I guess none of that matters to groups like La Raza who are rewriting history in favor the cheap slave labor that fuels U.S. corporate interests.

Im afraid it is already too late to do a damn thing. They wont even deport the criminals illegals in mass. Just some tokens for the press. Again, my point labor mexicans wont stay cheap. Trust me!! Just like with the janitors and hotel illegals union.[what ever the hell they were called?] They will want more and more. Demand more money more everything........and that cheap labor will cost the same as or more than what is the current US citizens job salary....they are not going to settle for low wages when they control the ballots. And instead of dedicated US citizens running or affairs in our Country.....we will have hostile foreign invaders running the show!!!! It is a matter of life and death and our government has chosen who's side it is on.

Tax havens will still be exempt for the big pigs like Gates & his globalist cronies. I say lets have a global govt and lets start by eliminating all tax havens, lets have taxes the same worldwide and no exceptions either.