Casa de Maryland advertising moving, childcare, laborers on Craigslist

Casa de Maryland - a state-funded group headed by Gustavo Torres that runs day laborer centers and which has, among many other things, published a guide giving legal advice to illegal aliens - advertises their workers on the Baltimore edition of Craigslist.

The ads offer childcare, moving, fix-it, painting, drywall, general labor, and other services. And, given that somewhere around three-quarters of day laborers are illegal aliens (the percentage of their workers who are may vary, of course) and that Casa is well known as an advocate of illegal immigration, their actions have the impact of further undercutting local wages in those fields. It's bad enough that Casa undercuts wages by operating a center; they compound the problem by advertising it in this way. And, of course, in none of the ads that I reviewed do they mention anything about their advocacy, only that they're a "non-profit organization". And, in the "License info" section of one of their ads, they note that they're "Unlicensed".

One ad is here, although this URL will eventually expire:

More ads can be found through this search:

And, more ads are cached here.