Let's make a video for Barack Obama!

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Here's the challenge: take the new will.i.am video in support of Barack Obama, you know, the really creepy one with the chanting and the braindead celebrities like Jessica Alba and others I have no hope of identifying telling us how Obama's going to save the environment and bring world peace just before he brings all of us a pony and a shiny new bicycle. You know, that one.

Then, replace or augment the soundtrack with Hare Krishna chanting (link, link), preferably one that's as absolutely annoying as possible, just chanting "Hare Krishna" over and over and over and over again. For extra points, mix in some sounds of other groups which are considered to be cults (just avoid that one, the you-know-what-I-mean-one, unless you want a snake in your mailbox). Maybe throw in a very light touch of marching (go easy on that, can't overdo it). Maybe reference The Comet with a brief image of black Nikes.

But, you've got to do it in a way that's tasteful. And, make sure you do it all legal like: adding a new soundtrack to the will.i.am video would probably be fair use, but taking good portions of content from one of those Hare Krishna videos would not be.

For extra credit, load the video on a laptop and play it over and over at full volume while asking for donations at your local airport.


Obama the pig for the one world new order of total enslavement of all people, the next 8 years will be real fun to watch as the USA Becomes for real Former USA. And that will not be a joke, say hi to the new papa doc, and the globalists will love him and he can have white slaves by the millions all asking for more hell on earth, your days are number and the road back can't be found, how sad to see people asking for hell on earth. and yes I know that one and may God help you all. read, "The Bells", by Poe, that may help you in your coming new home of cardboard. Love is the only way out I think? and in this new order you can buy all the 18/30 year old girls you want at low Rates and your kids can be sold for big money like 2 cents each if you have the right race on the open market, so its not going to be bad in the new world order of fun and games.

The Obama campaign is remarkably similar to Eric Cartman's campaign to lead the homeless out of South Park to Santa Monica, both were followed by mobs of hippy zombies demanding "change".