United Nations "Committee on the Elimination of Racism" chides U.S. over treatment of immigrants

From their safe Geneva home, on Friday United Nations bureaucrats from the "Committee on the Elimination of Racism" (part of the U.N. "Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights") chided U.S. government representatives for a variety of alleged issues ranging from extraordinary rendition to police brutality to race-based disparities in sentencing to the treatment of legal and illegal immigrants and refugees (www2.ohchr.org/english/bodies/cerd/cerds72.htm).

The end of this leaps out:
The U.N. panel discussed a broad range of other questions with the U.S. delegation, including police brutality against Arabs and Muslims in the U.S. since Sept. 11, 2001, and the detention of illegal immigrants.

The experts based many of their questions on reports submitted by 120 representatives of U.S. human rights organizations who came to Geneva for the hearings.

Warren W. Tichenor, U.S. ambassador to the U.N., said the discussions had been "collegial and extremely stimulating," and he was pleased to see a high number of U.S. rights groups attending the meeting.
One of those groups was, of course, the ACLU. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a list of all the groups involved and their work product (aka justification-for-existence) is so vast that I'm unable to point out all the ways that the unnamed U.N. censors got it wrong when it comes to illegal immigration.

However, a quick glance shows that, like others on the far-left, they're a bit parochial in their thinking. They support labor rights for all, but they fail to recognize how enforcing immigration laws can help ensure such rights. They appear to support open borders or something close to it, without realizing how that hurts their supposed goals.

So, for instance, the "IMMIGRANT RIGHTS" file (USHRN3.doc) linked from ohchr.org/english/bodies/cerd/cerds72-ngos-usa.htm correctly describes how crooked contractors were able to abuse illegal aliens in New Orleans after Katrina. However, they don't seem able to get their heads around how enforcing immigration laws would have both prevented such abuses and also avoided contractors being able to pass over U.S. citizens. They also don't go in to how the Democratic Party leadership was complicit in Bush's scheme to move out the former residents and move in illegal aliens from Mexico.

And consider this:
76. On the heels of the Eastern District of PA ruling the Hazelton ordinance unconstitutional, PA State Representative Daryl Metcalfe issued a report "Invasion PA: National Security Begins at Home Keystone State Report," which leads with the following inflammatory call to action: "With the federal government currently AWOL in fulfilling its Constitutional responsibilities to protect American lives, property and jobs against the clear and present dangers of illegal immigration, many states and local governments are left with no choice but to take individual action to address this important issue." The report lists as offenses purportedly committed by unauthorized migrants, "homicide, identity theft, property theft, serious infectious diseases, drug running, gang violence, human trafficking, terrorism and growing cost to taxpayers," but the report reveals no accounting for racial profiling or discrimination in the exercise of prosecutorial discretion and criminal enforcement, and it demonstrates a presumption of guilt rather than innocence in the arrests and detentions (rather than convictions) listed.
That's not so inflammatory, and surely even the UN isn't saying that illegal aliens don't commit the listed crimes. The report is here. The fact remains that illegal aliens are here and commit crimes, and any justice system abuses are a separate issue and can be dealt with in addition to deporting the illegal aliens involved. Apparently the UN is trying to wallpaper over the fact that those who shouldn't be here in the first place commit crimes by bringing up completely unfounded allegations of abuse.

As for what they find non-inflammatory:
50. A soon-to-be-released report titled "Over-Raided, Under Siege" analyzing 100 stories of human rights abuses, interviews with community leaders and summaries of numerous reports and data to better understand these patterns of human rights violations, concluded: the humanitarian crisis at the border has reached new heights as migrant deaths hit record numbers and the federal government pours billions of dollars into militarizing the region; immigrants are being detained at increasing rates and housed in detention facilities with inhumane living conditions; local law enforcement threaten public safety and community policing efforts by collaborating with federal immigration agents and the racial profiling of immigrants and persons perceived to be unlawfully in the United States; and employers continue to exploit workers using Social Security "no-match" letters and immigration status as a tool of intimidation while legislators are introducing temporary worker programs reminiscent of failed past initiatives.
That apparently non-inflammatory report was from the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, and their completely non-inflammatory summary says:
Now, immigrants, whether they are documented or undocumented, are the almost exclusive scapegoat for the faltering economy, the deterioration of services and social problems. In this officially condoned anti-immigrant climate, racial profiling, exploitation in the workplace, hate violence and other public policies are being used to deliberately force immigrants to leave or exist in the shadows.
Neither inflammatory, nor lying! And:
72. Staff at the Instituto del Progreso Latino (IDPL) in Chicago report that other types of traffic stops are common in Waukegan and target Latino families.
The IDPL is headed by the Mexico-linked Juan Salgado of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights.

Obviously, the OHCHR is far-left, and considered only the input of far-left groups without seeking input from, for instance, crime victims of illegal aliens. And, without realizing that enforcing our immigration laws would end many of the abuses they pretend to be concerned about.

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_...the detention of illegal immigrants._ They probably should've left that off. _They support labor rights for all, but they fail to recognize how enforcing immigration laws can help ensure such rights._ It wouldn't matter even if they did recognize it. Regarding 'migration', it's a matter of racial/ethnic sensitivity and 'economic justice', which are big trump factors.

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Offer to cut off all the money we send to the corrupt dictators in the UN, and I'll bet racism would be cured. Insist that the UN remove itself from our soil and move to say, Sudan? Racism would be cured overnight. Police brutality and human rights abuses? Must be because almost no other nation would even permit a 'human rights organization' to exist or operate within its borders. There are 160 other nations that need to take a good long look in the mirror, before casting any stones.

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