Joel Achenbach/WaPo: opponents of illegal immigration, John McCain are racist Nazis

Joel Achenbach of the Washington Post offers yet another slab of pro-illegal immigration, pro-John McCain propaganda in "Immigration Battle Divides Ariz. GOP". It tries to portray all those opposed to McCain and illegal immigration as not just pistol-packin' yahoos, but worse:
...a contractor [protesting a day laborer site...] keeps his pistol in an inner vest pocket...

The protesters are members of the Minutemen, Riders USA, United for a Sovereign America. They find a common bond in their rage, their fury at the government, their loathing of Hispanics who have come to the United States illegally. They say that many immigrants carry disease, and kill cops, and rape children.
1. He's falsely claiming that all members of those groups are not just motivated by negative emotions, but that they "loathe" Hispanic illegal aliens.
2. Certainly, even the hacks at the WaPo wouldn't seek to deny that some illegal aliens do have those issues, yet the last sentence gives the impression that Achenbach thinks those are false claims. The use of "immigrants" may be correct in that some legal immigrants and visitors aren't checked for diseases, but the concerns of the protesters are with illegal aliens, thus Achenbach is being misleading.

He then offers this article's instance of the "moderate, responsible Republican" in the person of Grant Woods, someone who helped lead the charge against Prop. 200. He was also fined for employing an illegal alien nanny.

Then, it gets even worse:
Nearby sat a man wearing a McCain button -- no slash. Horst Kraus, 77, said he immigrated from Germany in 1960. He owns a nudist camp in Arizona (and says the conservative Republicans outnumber everyone else by 2 to 1). The immigration rhetoric scares him.

"I see 1938 all over again," Kraus said. "Back then it was 'Jews, raus' " -- Jews, out.

"Now it's 'Mexicans, out,' " he said. "I am very disturbed by it."
If you don't support McCain and illegal immigration, you might as well be smashing shop windows? Achebach then says that "that fear is shared by the many Hispanics" in the area. In other words, Achenbach is saying they're afraid of being sent to death camps. The Washington Post has really jumped the shark in their support for illegal activity.

What Achenbach left out is a discussion of McCain's various lies and misleading statements, and any attempt to point out that, yes, some illegal aliens carry diseases and engage in crimes. He's not a serious reporter, he's just a propagandist.

UPDATE: The author has a site that accepts comments; when he discusses immigration matters please point out how he's wrong:


'The senator for us, McCain, he just seems so senile. He don't make no sense.'

Just look at Juan McCain. Clearly his captivity has worn on him and to say it didnt affect his judgement is wishful thinking. What a group of biz as usual beholes Is this the best they have to offer? My God we are in deep sh*t

joel achenbach may have not actually said it, but i'll say it: opponents of illegal immigration are racist nazis, and so are you. sure, maybe you couch it in fearing for your "safety" or that they'll "corrupt your schools" or, i dunno, make you read past the spanish signs at the grocery store. but it's mainly that you're white, you've got boatloads of privilege, and you don't want any brown people threatening that. a tiny part of me almost respects the neonazis that march with the minutemen vigilantes, because at least they come out and say they're out and out racist. but this trying to make excuses for your racism, damn. it's so painful to watch. my only comfort is knowing that you, and people like you, will die off soon enough. you see those polls that show how many people 18-25 support full-on amnesty, same-sex marriage, abortion on demand? THAT must keep you up at night.

Mexico Issues comic books to the uneducated unemployed and prisoners getting out of jails that instruct them how to sneak across the border and hide in the USA. Mexico emptying their trash.

What a bunch of crap poster #3 is full of. Are the 80% of Americans who agree with lonewacko racist? Of course not. If you are in favor of little brown people invading your country, then give me your address. I am coming over to make myself at home at YOUR expense and at YOUR home. After all, I am just trying to make a better life for myself. Of course you won't give me your address, because you are full of shit and a coward, and "racist" is what you say when you do not have an argument. You must work for the GOP, because you support this type of slavery. Your type of anti-white bigotry is noted, coward. As for your comment about 18-25 year olds: if you brainwash them enough in public schools (based upon the Sino-Viet model of reeducation) you can make a 14 year old storm a village with an AK-47. Just ask Pol Pot, he was successful in the shameful practice of brainwashing children and using them as soldiers. Our schools are no different. As for the rest of your comments, they are not even on point, which is typical for a dolt such as yourself. When attrition begins to be successful and illegal mexicans leave in droves (which is already happening), you are the one who will be kept up at night. We have the majority of the American people behind us, and you have uneducated and/or miseducated 18-25 year olds. Who do you think is going to win this war, schmuck?

"my only comfort is knowing that you, and people like you, will die off soon enough." Isn't that nice? Pretty much sums up the opposition: wishing death upon whitey. Unfortunately for you, I am young and will be here a long long time to make your life miserable, so don't get your hopes up about any of us dying anytime soon. In fact I know LW is a pretty healthy guy, and will be here to haunt you for decades. That should keep you up at night.

the real Nazis/communists are the mexicans/hispanics and the people inside our government who are doing some help on ethnic cleansing in L.A. we will see soon in many other places the same evil of 1933-45. see Vdare and Alex Jones and the L.A. Times sad fact is most people just don't see it, just like the Jews in 1938, SAD FACT IS THE NEXT PEOPLE To be removed are the whites,and you will never see it until some pig comes to pick you up and take you to a help camp, and the oven. see Savage Nation, and may God help you all, buy Guns.