Ariel Alexovich/New York Times lies about Tom Tancredo, misleads about NCLR

Ariel Alexovich of the New York Times discusses the new "We Can Stop The Hate" effort from the National Council of La Raza in A Call to End Hate Speech (link). The part of the article concerning the thoughts of Janet Murguia, NCLR president is discussed at that last link; this post just discusses Alexovich's lies and misleading statements.

1. In the title, "hate speech" is not put into quotes, and that's repeated twice in the article itself (not quotes from Janet Murguia, NCLR president). Alexovich does put the word "vigilantes" in quotes when referring to a statement made by Murguia, making her failure to do the same for "hate speech" more glaring.

2. She translates the "La Raza" part of their name as (meaning "the people"). The use of that is supposedly derived from "la raza cosmica", but it has a distinct racial connotation; I doubt whether, say, Alberto Fujimori would ever be considered to be "Raza".

3. She refers to the "single-issue, anti-immigration platform of Tom Tancredo". While it was to a large extent single-issue, it wasn't "anti-immigration".

4. She refers to the Tancredo shopping mall ad as "a particularly scary ad that portrayed Hispanic immigrants as dangerous criminals." First, that's a completely false characterization of the ad (link). Second, illegal aliens aren't "immigrants". Third, even the NYT blog post she links to (link) implicitly recognizes that Tancredo was drawing a distinction between illegal aliens who cross the border for work and Islamic terrorists who might also cross the border.


Ha!!! The NYT combines Manhattan Island elitism, DLC Corporatism, a Neo-Conservative foreign policy and a mania for Open Borders. No wonder it is hemmoraching subscribers. The WAPO, Gannet, the other newspaper chains are all losing readership in increasing numbers. In any other industry this would trigger a massive stockholder revolt. Takedown Lou Dobbs? La Raza is stoned crazy. CNN went way out of its way to offer a stridently pro Open Borders alternative to Dobbs in the form of Rick Sanchez. Even with Dobbs gracefully providing a lead in Sanchez went down if flames in a matter of months. Since the move to 7:00 PM Eastern the first of November, Dobbs' audience has only grown. Now Dobbs is doing 8:00 PM specials a couple times a month and hosting some of the post primary night gaggles. Having failed to deliver "CIR", La Raza is writing checks with their mouth that they can not ever hope to cash. Like I have been saying La Raza now is running the risk of loosing control of the hardcore Open Borders radicals. For me at least, evidence continue to mount towards mass demonstrations turning into riots outside the Democratic Convention in Denver.