Hillary Clinton: "no woman is illegal" (campaigning in Vegas to people who aren't citizens)

Hillary Clinton visited a neighborhood in Las Vegas yesterday that just happens to be home to many members of the Culinary Workers Union, which recently endorsed Barack Obama. And, she showed that, despite being a lawyer, she doesn't understand or support our immigration laws. She also campaigned to people who aren't citizens and might be illegal aliens. She was accompanied on her journey by Nevada state Assemblyman Ruben Kihuen.

Molly Ball gives us our first clue that many were not citizens when she says that some "didn't speak English or weren't old enough to vote." (She also gets quite flowery, referring to "tableaux of adorable multicultural children"; I wonder how she'd describe various varieties of monochromaticism. Of course, by "multicultural" she could have meant "monochromatic", which in her mind might be the same).


A man shouted through an opening in the wall that his wife was illegal... "No woman is illegal," Clinton said, to cheers.

"Legal", of course, refers to someone's status and can apply to other things as well, such as "illegal pharmacist", "illegal lawyer", etc. The last, of course, would be pretty sweet.

Then, always willing to go native, she said:

"We treat [different issues relating to home foreclosures] as if one is guacamole and one is chips, when ... they both go together."

Needless to say, "reporter" Molly Ball simply wrote down her remarks and didn't call her on anything.

J. Patrick Coolican of the Las Vegas Sun has this:

Many of the neighborhood residents either weren't citizens or weren't registered... Clinton must have been a bit baffled, for instance, when Kihuen took her to visit Esperanza Solorio, who's not a citizen. Kihuen explained her importance: She is a community activist who can move voters.

Whether Kihuen and Clinton are involved in breaking the law in some way would certainly be a good thing to look into, but don't expect either of the Las Vegas papers to do that. And, even if no laws were broken no politician should be trying to find helpers who aren't even citizens.

UPDATE: "Reporter" Molly Ball must have gotten a lot emails, because she offers a follow-up here. She points out that her story was mentioned on Rush Limbaugh's and Lou Dobb's shows and was linked from Drudge and got almost 1000 "angry" comments. And:

To put the remark into context, Clinton did add, after a pause, "... and no man, either." She then explained her position on immigration... Clinton, a spokeswoman said [afterwards], meant that she "believes you can be tough on the issue of illegal immigration without being mean-spirited about the human beings involved." The spokeswoman, Hilarie Grey, noted that Clinton's position is to secure the border in addition to treating current illegal immigrants humanely.

I guess, as always, it boils down to how you define things. "Humanely" in ClintonSpeak means granting a massive amnesty that will encourage even more illegal immigration. In the real world, "humanely" means enforcing our laws in a legal fashion using humane techniques, i.e., no long marches or anything like that. As could be expected, "reporter" Ball didn't point that out to the Clinton spokeswoman.

Also, the Washington Times offers the editorial "Hillary's illegals":

In its pre-Hillary incarnation, a very similar phrase first surfaced widely three years ago thanks to Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahoney, who said, "No person is illegal" to parishioners in 2004 amid a denunciation of a state bill to secure drivers' licenses. Cardinal Mahoney's imprimatur, which lent a stamp of Catholic social-justice approval in many eyes, gave the phrase resonance beyond what mere partisans and hardcore activists could provide... ...Via this nonsequitur, and by imputing meanness or hatred, "No woman is illegal" and "No person is illegal" help open-borders, pro-amnesty politicians evade an honest consideration of the nation's illegal-immigration conundrum. Don't be fooled.

It would have been a bit better if they had accurately described Hillary and the rest of the Democratic Party leadership as "loose borders"; only the most lunatic libertarians and far-lefties support literally open borders.


Sickening. As if more proof of how completely unpresidential she is was needed.

Of course....the elites of both parties bend over and kiss the ass of non-citizens, non-Americans. Shows you how much they care about American citizens.

No need to post, the 2 comments above are 100% accurate.