Hostages taken at Clinton campaign NH HQ; political impact

Someone with a supposed bomb strapped to his chest took hostages at Hillary Clinton's campaign headquarters in New Hampshire earlier today. Indications are that he's released the hostages and that he's a local man who was known to have issues. Hopefully it will work out peacefully.

The political impact will include:

1. The mainstream media will spend days talking about this rather than talking about the issues. Certainly, they do so little of the latter that no one will notice it, but one can always hope. This event will make that even worse.

2. Certain Democratic agents will try to use this to play the victim-of-right-wingers card. For the gold standard, turn to DU where you can find things like:

I can't help but wonder if the guy might be someone who listens to right wing talk radio and has fixated on Senator Clinton.

Expect those who have actual links to the Democratic Party to make similar comments.

3. Security around the candidates will be tightened, meaning it will be even more difficult than ever for non-MSM "reporters" to ask them real questions. The candidates will use this as an excuse to avoid taking as many questions as they have in the past.


_Certain Democratic agents will try to use this to play the victim-of-right-wingers card. _ 4. Certain people with right-wing agendas will pre-emptively play the "Democrats will try to use this" card in order to make any legitimate speculation about the lone wacko look like political posturing.

The elitist politicians already ignore the American people. This will make the situation even worse..... Does anyone know what Hillary named her Teddy Bear to elicit such a volatile reaction??

Strangely enough, this guy was interested in talking to Hillary about her health care plan. I understand the man is going through a divorce and is unemployed. Being unemployed it's likely that he doesn't have health care. Perhaps he has a chronic disease that isn't being treated. If he hadn't taken issue with health care he would have found some other bone to pick with society, not necessarily relating to Hitlary.

Hillary must have setup this BS.