Leftists scared about consequences of own policies (Tancredo ad)

Some largely unimportant lefties are up in arms (link) about the following ad from Tom Tancredo that depicts a 24-like scenario with a backpack bomb being left in a shopping mall. After a quick walk, I believe I've stumbled upon the reason why: the loud bang at the end shocks them into a sudden realization of the consequences of the loose border policies that they've supported and/or enabled.

UPDATE: Youtube has flagged the video (youtube.com/watch?v=LZBjXr5CWUI) as "inappropriate for some users" and requires you to sign in and verify that you're 18 or over before viewing it (related: see "We're all going to regret giving Youtube so many links"). Please contact them and let them know what you think: google.com/support/youtube/bin/request.py

I've switched the video to chbn.com.

As for the "interesting" comments, this post is about those on the left/Democratic side of things who've gotten the vapors over this ad. When those on the right/Republican side weigh in it will be updated. This site is well aware of the negligence of both Bush and the Democrats, and has been discussing that for several years.

UPDATE 2: Youtube has locked away one version of the ad; the version from TeamTancredo itself is still available for anyone: youtube.com/watch?v=rBK7bWh1m04


Leftists? Thought that was the Bush policy too!

Bush is a leftist. How about a commercial concerning the giant biological bomb the invasion has created? I'm far more concerned about that explosion.

So unimportant that you had to argue against it? If you really were this dismissive, you wouldn't feel the need to write about it. Your impersonation of someone who doesn't think they have a valid point needs work.

That's it! We'll build a fence to hide behind. The stuff on the other side is bad, bad. The stuff on this side is good, good!

holy crap that scares the bejesus out of me. we need to immediately compromise every moral standard we have ever held dear without a second thought, we need to under-cut the constitution in any possible manner no matter how un-necessary, we need to needlessly spend trillions of dollars, as well as needlessly decimating the military. because tom tancredo wants me to be scared.

Gee, how serious is the threat of subway bombings in Iowa? BTW, I wonder if Tom and his pinheaded supporters realize Cedar Rapids has been the center of American Islam since the turn of the last century?

T-Ray and jay k.: I agree with you! Let's suspend the constitution and deport Brian and Richard Grabman to the "bad, bad" side.

Democrats promised in both 2004 and 2006 to enforce the recommendations of the 9/11 commision; support the real id act, enact a visa exit and tracking systems, tougher border and port security .... etc, etc, etc. They said that these were to be constructive steps to doing acting responsible instead of the relentless fear mongering of the Bush Administration while they did nothing about our Open Borders fiasco and trampled over the civil rights of actual citizens. This was an overwhelmingly popular political stand with both independents and the party's base and help Democrats win in 2006. However, as soon as they got back into power the Currupt Democratic leaderships first acts were to sell out the electorate and cut back room deals with Bushco to pass "Comprehensive Immigration Reform". Is Tancredo's ad over the top. Hell yes. Have the Democratic party leadership acted wildly irresponsible not to do as they promised and have now left themselves wide open in case some terrorist act does occur. Hell yes. To say anything else would be to be a show one's self as nothing less than a shameless partisan hack.

We need to errect an Iron Curtain across our borders. I believe that there some still some semi retired East European engineers that we could outsource this to, sort of like the Nazi scientists that helped with our rocket program.

Over the top? Yeah. But not responding to 4th gen warfare? Shortsighted at best. Tanstaafl is right, biologic bombs are all you need. Along with the support of open borders, overpopulation CIR nuts in Washington, why bother with the malls? An eleven percent approval rating reflects the disconnect. 193 independent countries on the planet, and 191 of them believe their borders are worth defending. Aggressively. The 'leaders' of America and England are out having lunch.

AS long as the US supports Israel it will be a target of terrorism. And there is ZERO chance that the US will dump Israel over the side. The lefties criticizing the Tancredo ad are living in fantasy land-as usual.

Poor misunderstood Open Borders loons. If only people would just realize that their goal to erase the USA and exterminate the White race is a _good_ thing.

Oh man - if the Statue of Liberty could cry... it would. This is a nation of immigrants. This type of fear-mongering is ridiculous. Seal the borders today and the impact would be far worse than 1,000 simultaneous backpack bombs. This "lonewacko" may be a complete idiot/puppet.

Funny - I thought Bush was in charge of the Executive Branch - you know, Border Patrol, INS, etc.? Why did the REPUBLICAN controlled Congress beat back every Democratic effort to add agents to the Border Patrol in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006? Is it because Halliburton hadn't figured out how to privatize our Border Security and rip the taxpayers off, yet? I know it is difficult to actually read the news and follow votes in Congress and other such mundane things when you are pontificating about us Evil Libruls, but just once it would be nice if you guys could bring up an issue without having to lie about it.

liberalpercy, Yes you are right. It is the "Buypartisan" dance of corruption. Bush sent no clearer signal to all his Cheap Labor lobby Corporate buddies that he was not going to do shit about the border except find ways for him and Cheney to feed at the government trough. The message was loudest with the prosecution of the border agents Ramos and Compean. And if you were familiar with Lonewacko's site and his reputation, you would know that he would tell you the samething. So let's cut the bullshit shall we. I campaigned for Democrats in critical purple districts in Wisconsin and Indiana that helped us regain the House. The Democratic leadership promised to do something serious about our borders and put into law the 9/11 commission recomendations. I know because that was the message I delivered to thousands of homes by phone and in person. However, the truth is all the wildly corrupt DLC/DNC leadership has done since last fall is snuggle up to Bushco and attempt to ram the worst piece of "Open Borders" insanity imaginable in the Kennedy/McCain "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" bill down the throats of the public. They tried 5-6 times to pass this shit and kept failing by larger and larger majorities. Now ever increasing majorities of Republicans, Independents and DEMOCRATS are in raged over this horseshit. Look what is happening now. A coalition of Immigration Restrictionist Republicans and Democrats along with true anti-corruption anti-cheap labor pro-American workers "PROGRESSIVES" are backing the SAVE act. Why because anything less that 100% enforcement of our immigration laws is going to end up in dozens and dozens of incumbents in both parties being thrown out of office. You think the Trancredo ad as too much? I tell you if we have a anything remotely close to a London or Madrid style attack on US soil by a couple of jihadis who were visa overstays and have a fistful of phony drivers license , the only way the Democrats have a remote chance of keeping the House and Senate is if Pelosi and Reid swear they will not run for leadership. And the same would go for Rahm Emmanuel, Durbin and Steny Hoyer. Personally I think I am being too optimistic, nothing less than Pelosi or Reid shooting themselves in the head live on TV will save the Democrats. Rahm Emmanuel is one insanely corrupt prick who made his self stinking rich engineering the passing of NAFTA in part by lying to the public that it would "HELP" end Mexican illegal immigration. But even he is not so self-deluded as evidenced by his memos with Carville and other key Democratic leaders to not admit that the party has now got its bare ass out in the breeze to be shot off over its continuing support for "Open Borders".

'Seal the borders today and the impact would be far worse than 1,000 simultaneous backpack bombs.' I'm speechless. But thanks for the insight into how far open border radicals will go with their ideology. All I can wonder is how big of an attack would cause you to reconsider your stance? Would a nuke even do it?

Talk about scared leftists.... Open Borders advocate Morones abandons debate before Gilchrist has a chance to defeat him intellectually. http://www.ocregister.com/news/gilchrist-students-debate-1921633-morones-beach

I'm afraid if Hillary is elected the folks in the CIA will spend all their time decorating their cubicles and sitting around having high tea. A terror attack will be inevitable. The FBI? They all buy sharkskin suits and pink shirts, and spill all their secret information in gay bars. Heavens to Mergatroid, I'm scared! Please save us, Rudy Mussolini!

Speaking as a Leftist, I personally think it's awesome. It's a ridiculously over-the-top ad, that basically says "brown people are coming here to kill us - vote Tancredo!" Seriously, it makes the GOP look like a bunch of 24-humping racists. So, by all means, I hope the GOP runs with it in all markets.