Pamela Constable/WaPo promotes CASA de Maryland, illegal activity

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Pamela Constable of the Washington Post offers a slab of pro-illegal immigration propaganda in "Sometimes, A Labor Day/A Trailer in Gaithersburg Is a Haven For Immigrants Hoping for a Better Life". Some of it has been discussed here, including this extremely inflammatory quote she offers from one of the "immigrants":

"A guy hired me the other day to do some painting. I got in his van and right away he turned on the radio. It was one of those stations that is full of hateful talk against immigrants. I just sat in the back and said nothing, but it made me feel like a Jew in Nazi Germany."

A real reporter - and not just someone whose job responsibilities apparently include promoting illegal activity - would have called him on that statement. Constable, of course, let it stand.

She also notes that the center is operated by the CASA de Maryland, which she only describes as a "non-profit". They're obviously much more; her article describes flyers telling what to do in case of an immigration raid and they may be the ones from CASA.


With papers that allow comments to their stories, more and more these days you see this kind of take on things getting panned [1], sometimes viciously. You can take it as more proof that the media is completely out of step with how the people who actually have to live with this on the ground view the situation.


Every time I speak up about the immigration invasion some liberal gets in my face and starts screaming at me about what a hater I am. IT MAKES ME FEEL LIKE A DISSIDENT IN STALINIST RUSSIA.