Sen. Larry Craig in "he said/he said misunderstanding"

Normally, a high class site like this wouldn't even acknowledge somethig like this, but it is Larry Craig, so:
Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) was arrested in June at a Minnesota airport by a plainclothes police officer investigating lewd conduct complaints in a men’s public restroom, according to an arrest report obtained by Roll Call Monday afternoon...

A spokesman for Craig described the incident as a "he said/he said misunderstanding," and said the office would release a fuller statement later Monday afternoon.

After he was arrested, Craig, who is married, was taken to the Airport Police Operations Center to be interviewed about the lewd conduct incident, according to the police report. At one point during the interview, Craig handed the plainclothes sergeant who arrested him a business card that identified him as a U.S. Senator and said, "What do you think about that?" the report states...
I guess the stress of working on AgJobs got to him.


It\'s on CNN too. [1]


This is what you get when you bend over for the government, this guy is a evil little butt boy who needs his head fix. If you know what I mean? This so called nation is just like this pig butt boy Craig and think of what 50,000 real guy's could do to take it back to a Nation of sanely. This so called Nation is a place that needs to be fix-up if you know what i mean? Note see Bill Of Rights. I really hate the pigs in government we really need A Real guy to deal with the pigs in washington. Bin Laden is Bush and Larry Craig is the lover of both.

This is important news. Surely Larry Craig and his fellow closet case Republican Lindsey Graham are going to face strong Immigration Restrictionist challanges in the primaries. Graham is already changing his tune on immigration matters. That means time is running out for the "Open Borders" lobby. As La Raza is promising on CPAN they will make an all out push to make their case in 2008. They will never have a better chance if Hillary is at the top of the ticket. Once again as a Democrat living in the Midwest, all I can say is that the party's permanent beltway leadership and infrastructure is wildly out of touch with changes in the mood of the voting public on immigration matters. They have learned absolutely nothing from June 2007 CIR fiasco. These idiots are allowing calls from the Radical Latino groups for expansion of welfare and healthcare for "undocumented workers" to take the one clearly winning issue the Democrats have going for them "Single Payer" health Insurance off the table. All the while clearly Americans want restrictions on the welfare and jobs magnets that are attracting so many illegal aliens and are killing their local communities with rising property taxes for schools, county hospitals, police while home values fall or stagnant .... Democrats are counting major gains in the US Senate. Actually, it Hillary is at the top of the ticket I believe they will suffer a Michael Dukakis 1988 fiasco where they has a 20% opinion poll lead 4 months before the election only to get their asses kicked. Having La Raza and MEChA and the rest of the Atzlan, ANSWER and Neo-Wobbly crazies show up and Denver and protest is all the Democrats need. Right now unless the Democrats get their pandering under control the trainwreck is sure to happen.

Lonewacko, Any bets that the before the end of the year the other very well known closet case Republican Senators Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell will have been outed. An added bonus is that McConnell's fall would spell the end of Secretary Chao's power in Washington on behalf of the Cheap Labor Lobby. Whether a Republican or a Democrat wins these seats it is highly probable that a Open Borders Senator will be replaced with a candidate more sympathetic to the Immigration Restrictionist position.

I can only hope that llamajockey is right. The system is really a joke the people in power must be from hell, and can I ask how many have been to Mexico City for a night out with some guy or little boy? THE BOYS IN Washington MUST LOVE THE PLACE. Our congress pig's must really love little ones? if you know what I mean? and face facts the evil pig's from the senate must love mexico for its guys if you know what I mean? how many have gone to mexico 5 or 50 or 400? for a look at the Mexican toilets and how many are using the toilets on you?

Y'know, I believe Craig when he says "I'm not gay." I live in San Francisco, and I'd guess that a third of the people who claim to be gay are really not. So what is Craig and what are those people? They are sleazebags. They are people who love sleaze and love the gutter. And they go for homosexual acts because they are sleazier than heterosexual acts, not because they are gay. That's why they do it in restrooms - again, for the sleaze factor. I would have had a lot more respect for Craig if he just came out and said "I am gay." What he said, essentially, is "I am a gutter-trawling pervert."