Chortle: Bush admin beginning major crackdown on employers of illegal aliens

From the AP:
Employers across the U.S. are preparing to fire workers with questionable Social Security government identification numbers to avoid getting snagged in a Bush administration crackdown on illegal immigrants.

The Department of Homeland Security is expected to make public soon new rules [involving "no match" letter] for employers notified when their worker's name or Social Security number was flagged by the Social Security Administration...

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a division of the Homeland Security Department, "is going to be tough and aggressive in the enforcement of the law," [reknowned spokeshole Russ Knocke] said. "You are going to see more work site cases. And no more excuses."
Yeah, we're pretty used to those excuses, six year's worth of them. In past statements, Chertoff has almost come right out and threatened to conduct raids in order to inflame the left, and Bush has warned about a labor shortage if the current laws are enforced. In that light, this might be seen as an attempt to make things worse in order to get "reform". If they actually intend to do anything of course.


I think the telling point of that statement is "no more excuses" they just admitted what we all knew they were lying before and making excuses for their lack of security. I love it when these idiots speak they are always telling in their statements.

Well said Jaded. This administration sucks, plain and simple. They love the illegals flooding our once great country. Sure you can raid businesses all you want, but when you routinely do the "catch and release", these raids result in squat.

As an employer who tries hard to make sure all my employees are legal, I say, "bring it on!" It's about damn time this got done.

Good one, Jaded. No more excuses...has Chertoff really threatened to enforce something? Heh, 30 million illegals and their employers are quaking in the shadows (lol). I would enjoy the entertainment value of a few foaming lefties, so I hope he tries to do something. Anything at all besides dusting off the "welcome" mat would be an improvement.

DHS internal memo: _All, Never mind the gang bangers, visa absconders, and serial criminals - let's focus on employers. This will be a surefire way to stir up support for our open borders agenda. Anyone got a status report on the g-damn fence? lol - Chertie_

I'll believe when I SEE IT!!! I won't hold my breath under water!!!

So employers will be required to fire employees whose names don't match up with their social security numbers. So big deal. They'll just hire them back and let them work "off the books". Won't even have to pay employment taxes that way! Goes on all the time - and not just with illegals.