Fred Thompson shows how to deal with truthers!

Go, Fred, go! On the following clip, Fred Thompson is asked about his membership in the Council on Foreign Relations and their support for the (internet hoax known as the) North American Union by the "truther" who runs (her musings on the event). He responds smooth as silk to her concerns. At the end, she's forcibly ejected by the Houston police after she starts screaming about WTC 7 being an inside job! This is how you deal with scum like this:

While some might say she obviously has a few issues, I'm prepared to say she's completely nuts. The only thing I wish is that Thompson or his staff had been more directly involved in her ejection; perhaps they need to learn from the masters.

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Still, he didn't answer the question, yes the WTC was demolished by the govt community is a bunch of kooks, the SPP NAU is real along with the CFR. Thompson is a pig with lipstick, he's terminally ill too, he's like GWB except he can speak English.

This guy is setting us all up, he wants votes for Hillary.