The Travis Loller Horror: Illegal aliens in some states not able to get married without SSN!

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I was weeping my eyes out by the time I got to the end of "Some Immigrants Denied Marriage Licenses" (WaPo)/"Law puts illegal immigrantsaI was weeping my eyes out by the time I got to the end of "Some Immigrants Denied Marriage Licenses" (WaPo)/"Law puts illegal immigrants’ weddings on hold" (MSNBC) by Travis Loller of the Associated Press. To think: some illegal aliens have to go to other states to get married because their home states actually require applicants for a marriage license to have a Social Security number. What is this world coming to?!?!? Thankfully, there are some states that don't have such rules, or that "turn a blind eye", nod nod wink wink. Why, did you know that there are even edge cases involving legal immigrants and even citizens? Just think about them (for they could be you!), not about the fact that this report was designed to support illegal immigration. Thankfully, the Associated Press has even included a charming photo of one prospective husband of an illegal alien who would be affected (if he can't simply drive to another state). Why, it's almost like I'm looking at a catalog trying to sell me on illegal immigration.

Someone please call Jorge Bustamante of the United Nations, I feel a human rights complaint coming on.


Maybe Someone should smuggle them into a place where they can get married. Borders don't stop these people. I hear mexico is nice.

Um, their "home states" wouldn't actually be in the USofA, now would they? No. no no no.

illegal would imply that their legal residence is somewhere not in the united states...that's just an educated guess

This is normal most or the the vast majority of evil little third world illegal's find some little white or black bitch to get married to and become a so called U.S. Citizen over-night. About 300,000 each year do this illegal ACT and get-away-with-it, "with the help of some third world INS Guy", who work's the system for up to 2 million a year, yes people corruption is a business of your government next time you see some third world pig working in your government he got the job from some other third world rat who came here to get into government corruption, HEY GUY'S IT'S A FACT OF LIFE AND business. "Hey its the way government is ran in all third world so called countries. STOP THE BS And See it for what it is.