John McCain campaign manager, chief strategist make selves scarce

John McCain's campaign manager (Terry Nelson) and his chief strategist (John Weaver) have both quit or been fired. While his support for Iraq may have played some role, his immigration stance and his reputation as a RINO and perhaps the fading of his supposed role as a "maverick" probably played the larger role. Needless to say, as with the USA Today link, expect the MSM to downplay the immigration-related aspects, since their narrative is that supporting immigration "reform" is a political winner.

Meanwhile, according to this, multiple persons "close to the campaign" say that another exiting is Mark Salter, "long-time chief of staff and co-author of his five books". And, apparently all three left in a non-amicable manner. Perhaps McCain's last ditch effort could involve borrowing some staff from Teddy Kennedy.


Lonewacko, You might want to up post this. McCain's demise frees up tens of millions in Cheap Labor Lobby money that will find its way into somebody's campaign. Looks like Hillary is the big winner here. However, Hillary must be getting a little nervous over her D-Punjab label. She decided not to show up for an anticipate appearance at the IIT 2007 alumni meeting in order rake in more money for her support of the H-1b visa and the off-shoring of the middle class. Her campaign message on outsourcing is complete double talk. She is for massive expansion of the H-1B but wants India to invest in the US in order to create jobs here. Here are some Orwellian photos of Hillary as Dear Leader addressing IIT 2007;_ylt=AgbQrf87MSLC892D2EWSc4BsaMYA;_ylt=Al4GekbY78z5pV.OQS_48t5saMYA;_ylt=AhKRRpMGWdOjypQrTKVYCnBsaMYA Here are the youtube videos of Hillary's speech to the Indian lobby at ITT 2007

His immigration stance made his prospects TOAST long long time ago...I called his office several times over the last year and said as much. Glad to see it has finally come to pass. Who wants a President that hasn't the savvy to see the stupidity of his judgement."Disaster MAN " Some are calling him a man of courage....what!!!??? What's courageous about selling out your country! Traitorous scum!

Yes, Iraq and immigration have helped sink McCain. If he ever had a chance to begin with, which is debatable. But he is also not really presidential -- the somewhat ugly and not infrequent public incidents of his sarcasm and snide remarks show that.

Look guy's we all know what this guy McCain is all about read Jerome R. Corsi PH.D his book tell's you what is happening right now and what will happen soon its called The Late Great USA, The coming merger of Mexico and Canada, that is why old Rat McCain wants; after all he has money in Mexico City he support's Mexico City isn't this telling you something about this Government of pig's? By the way both side's are as evil as Bin Laden but some can be controlled to do what is right for us all, his name is Ron Paul. stop a million Waco's from happening vote for Ron Paul, but that will never happen you will vote and have a mass Race and Civil war and when it start's you will look at each other and ask why did this happened? and May God help you all.