First Amendment in Los Angeles: illegal aliens, lefties keep Ted Hayes, Minutemen out of park

From Walter Moore:
Activist Ted Hayes went to the trouble of getting a lawful permit to stage a peaceful protest, against illegal immigration, in a park. But laws meaning nothing to the City of L.A., because we don't have rule of law here. Instead, we have mob rule, driven largely by people who aren't even in the country legally...

Villaraigosa's and Bratton's police department refused to protect the rights of Hayes and his followers to assemble peacefully and protest, in accordance with their rights under the First Amendment and their City-issued permit.

Instead, a mob of pro-ILLEGAL alien protesters, WITHOUT A PERMIT, were allowed to occupy the location specified in the permit. Rather than ordering the illegals to disperse for assembling without a permit, the American citizens who had a permit were ordered to go away. After all, we mustn't have any TV pictures of the police ordering "immigrants rights" protesters to disperse. That would be too "May Day Melee."
Hayes and others were later arrested after his permit expired and he refused to disperse. As could be expected, the news media is on the side of those who kept Hayes out of the park, with no less than three reports portraying this as "anti-immigration" forces against those who are "pro-immigrant".

From a "shared" report (link):
Police handled the situation carefully, mindful of the May Day clash in which officers used rubber bullets and batons to clear immigration reform demonstrations, Harding said. Officers, some in riot gear, some in shorts and on bicycles, kept the two sides apart.
From KTLA (link):
Los Angeles police were a picture of restraint today as they kept screaming pro- and anti-immigration activists apart at Leimert Park and maintained order without another "May Day melee" breaking out.

The head of the anti-immigration group and about four others were arrested when they were denied access to the park by pro-immigration protesters and the police, but no injuries were reported.

...[Hayes] was joined by a couple hundred anti-immigration and mostly white Minutemen members and a few blacks demanding reparations for slavery.

When pro-immigration activists heard about the march, they assembled about 400 people of various races who milled about the park carrying pro- immigration signs and blocking the other group from entering.

..."In the balancing act that we got into here was the issue of allowing access to the park," LAPD Deputy Chief Mike Hillman told ABC7. "Mr. Hayes' group had a permit to go into the park. The park was occupied by, literally, children between 5 and 12 years of age and their parents, plus about 250 to 300 individuals that were community members who obviously took issue with Mr. Hayes being here in their community, so they blocked access to the park."

...Although Hayes had a permit to enter the park, "government interests far outweighed the permit," Hillman said, noting that the clashing protesters could have put children in the park at risk.
In other words, he's defending anarchy, mob rule, and the denial of First Amendment rights. And, one wonders whether those "government interests" include the interests of mayor Tony Villar in allowing Mexicans to move here at will and the interests of others who profit from illegal immigration.

The KABC report (link) from Wendy Burch is oddly similar:
When people heard of Hayes' march, a counter protest was planned. A number of people showed up from various coalitions, of all different races. They were determined not to let Mr. Hayes and his group into Leimert Park. When police, supervising the march, saw what was transpiring they had to weigh all the issues. Police decided public safety was a larger priority than first amendment rights.
Various lefties chimed in here:

More updates here, with pictures here and video here.


I was banned from Save Our State for opposing Mr. Hayes' display of Malcolm X amongst his members, his use of the American flag as a cape, and the float used in the parade to push for slavery reparations. Ted Hayes is a leftist, so the byline should read "Lefties keep lefties out of park." How the immigration reform movement got hijacked by radical black nationalists with stong muslim overtones and demanding slavery reparations is beyond my comprehension. In any event, "No soup for you" seems to be the response of Joe Turner and his misguided mission. No wonder the turnout was dismal.

Well yes we are talking Mexican rule's here, the system hates the ideals of other's just like in Mexico city, this person like many other's still isn't getting what is happening here or people of freedom would by this time be stoohing at the people the third world people of evil. hey guy's L.A. Is not a American city it is in the hand's of the evil doers. and people it's only the start of what is coming to YOU! And come-on the news media is nothing but the control system for our enemies. Make Cell's buy gun's for freedom. and to john "one of 9 and 7 to bill, make the move in time and space!

This sort of...vigilantism (for lack of a better word) is driven not by belief in the rule of law (obviously), but by political correctness, which is, fundamentally, a sense of what is morally right. Most people would say that when a law offends against the moral conscience of a 'community', i.e. results in de facto injustice by its mere enforcement, then members of that community are obliged to ignore the law, or even actively oppose or prevent its enforcement. Then they rhetorically invoke this moral superiority against their critics. Which as a tactic is very effective, also neutralizing authorities (not to mention journalists) whose responsibility it is to enforce laws, oftentimes to the point of codifying this, i.e. changing the law or adding laws to better reflect this 'community conscience' -- sanctuary policies might be an example of this. You see that here, in spades: _Activist Ted Hayes went to the trouble of getting a lawful permit..._ No matter. And no matter that courts often later overrule 'community conscience' driven legislation, e.g. as is increasingly the case with affirmative action. The effect is all the more surreal in a place like LA, where the disastrous consequences [1] of illegal immigration are readily seen. matter.


I was astounded when I saw this on the news. NBC only showed pictures of screaming "anti-immigration" protesters, of course. I hope Ted Hayes sues their LA's A**!!

It time to fight or become just like Mexico, and most will say yes to the evil doers, but some will not and if need be die as real Americans fight to live a life of peace and justice. The people of the third world will run-away-when the real thing starts here.