Teddy Kennedy sings... en Espanol! (for the Senate amnesty)

Appearing on the Piolin radio show in support of immigration "reform", aka a massive amnesty for illegal aliens, Senator Teddy Kennedy broke into song... in Spanish.

Please distribute widely.

America empty boxed: Kennedy immigration press conference

UPDATE: I should have mentioned that this was played on KFI's John & Ken Show on Friday, and it was presented as a real clip and not a parody. Its authenticity is further shown by it appearing here, with this caption:

During an appearance on the wildly popular Piolín in the Morning radio show in Los Angeles, Sen. Ted Kennedy broke into lively rendition of "Ay Jalisco No Te Rajes (Don't Give Up On Me)." They also discussed immigration reform.

That clip has a little more from the beginning.

I also posted this to FreeRepublic's news section on Friday, and it was quickly moved to the much less popular chat section (freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/1854932/posts) and put in the "Music/Entertainment" topic rather than the "Crime/Corruption" topic where I'd originally placed it. Another thread that just mentioned that this had been played on John & Ken was immediately locked (freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1854927/posts). Note that FR also deleted the post I made about Teddy's empty boxes (link above) because I linked to RawStory, which was the only site with a non-subscriber-only copy of the story. While both stories are basically trivial, it's these types of stories that have some salience and symbolism. I note also that the Youtube video has been stuck on 587 views for a few hours, when I'm pretty sure it's gotten several past that amount. That might just be a technical issue, since sometimes it takes them a while to update that value.

6/24 11:30AM UPDATE: Despite currently being the #22 most-linked video of the day, with over 1700 total links being shown, the view count is still stuck on the magic 587 figure.


No Bigger Traitor to this country!! Both literally and "figure"atively

Teddy is planning to guide his immigration bill through the Senate by drawing on his experience in the underwater navigation of automobiles!

The pig Kennedy must hate the People of this Nation, old pig Bush told some Mexican's that this Nation is by Right Mexico! and its people our one with the real ideals of the USA, Bush told this group IN SPANISH that all people have the right to come here and live, understand the word RIGHT? When Amnesty becomes law its time to stop with words and take real action.

Filthy anti-American traitor. A few words for him and the whining pro-amnesty forces he supports - "Me no hablo estupido espanol! Yo hablo ingles!"

Sad to say Dark-star when this evil Idea of Amnesty becomes law you can forget the english Language it will become within 20 years a Outlawed Language and if people think that is nut's just look at Mexican Law about language and race culture, you will not like what you see. sad fact is most people think that only white's are racists/superiority but mexico is the home of the brown KKK.

Thank open revolt against evil rats!