Bush representative posted to FreeRepublic (overt propaganda)

Back on the 14th, Nicholas Thompson of the White House Office of Strategic Initiatives posted a comment on a FreeRepublic post, as described here. In two previous posts I've discussed the very strange circumstances associated with published reports describing how the White House has been reaching out to blogs. So far, no one else to my knowledge has investigated or even shown any interest in this matter, despite the possibility that the White House has done some of its outreach covertly.

As discussed at the second link, the NYT said that the WH had "posted defenses" on both conservative and liberal sites, yet I have so far been unable to find a single liberal site containing an overt defense. And, the Politco said that the WH had posted on a "wide range" of sites, yet so far the only possibilities I've found are FreeRepublic, RedState, Townhall, and The Corner.

Needless to say, those four sites are neither liberal nor would anyone consider that number a "wide range".